DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

A few more classics, and a lot of crummy movies.

The Third Man – Score: 9.5/10  (This film from 1949 is a timeless picture about an American novelist name Holly Martins who travels to Vienna for work only to find that his long time friend in Vienna has been killed.  The death isn’t an open and shut case, and Holly finds himself wrapped up in a mystery that has deception at every turn.  Director Carol Reed’s finest work and a brilliant performance by Orson Wells elevate this film to classic cinema status and is film noir at its finest.  The black and white is stunning, the sets are perfectly lit and the acting is spot on.)

The Thing About My Folks – 5.0/10   (What really great can be said about a Paul Riser film?  This, a story about a son (Riser) taking a trip across Upstate New York with his father (Peter Falk) to try to understand why his mother left him after 50 years.  Not very exciting of a movie, and not very dramatic or funny)

Child’s Play – 3.5/10    (I hadn’t seen this film in years and I see why.  The premise is pretty lame, even for a thriller/horror film as the boy plays out to be an all to “smart” kid, and Chucky is a poorly written character.  The only redeeming part of the movie is Catherine Hicks, who tries to hold this pile of crap together.)

Poseidon (2006) – 4.0/10    (A large misstep by Wolfgang Peterson is this highly implausible “sinking ship” story.  Each thing that happens is a little more ridiculous then the last, as a small group of people hell bent on getting out alive sacrifice the lives of everyone else to make it.  Oh yeah did I mention that it has Kevin Dillion in it?)

Accepted – 5.5/10   (If you can’t get into college, create your own.  Or so this movie tells me.  I knew it would be campy and suffer from a lot of the same cliches that college comedies do, but I did find a few quick laughs from time to time (mostly from Jonah Hill) which kept this movie from being completely bland)

Sleeper – 7.0/10    (I have been on a Woody Allen tear so I had to watch Sleeper.  This movie is campy in a Benny Hill way, but some how is charming enough with it’s goofy premise about a man (Woody) frozen and thawed 200 years later in a society with one world leader.   Worth a watch if you don’t mind a little cheese.)


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