DVD Reviews “Quick Hits”

My quest to see every crappy movie gets a few new additions. Oh and big surprise, I watched a few more Woody Allen movies.

Manhattan – 9/10 (Woody Allen’s first movie shot in black and white, serves as a good companion piece to “Annie Hall”. Of course it is about NYC, and love and contains all of the same humor that I have come to love from Woody.  Mariel Hemingway plays a 17 year old girlfriend to Woody’s character, who is twice divorced and 42.  There is some of the same dating drama and love/hate of NYC that you get out of Annie Hall but it is a must watch for all fans of Woody Allen.)

Crimes and Misdemeanors – 8/10 (Wow……….a crime mystery/drama by Woody Allen. I am simply shocked (or not really at all) But somehow he keeps them interesting and poignant with his studies of right and wrong, and how morality effects our every day lives. You really feel bad for his character in this movie. Another fine movie by a brilliant director.)

Click – 4.5/10 (Yeah this is a silly movie and a silly premise, but I would have to say that I did get a few laughs out of it……surprisingly. And yes it is all too predictable with how it ends, but for a Sunday boredom flick it provided some entertainment. What would you do if you could control your life like you could a movie?)

Female Perversions – 2/10 (What did I expect with a title like this? I watched it because it had Tilda Swinton and Amy Madigan. It was overly sexual, convoluted and very poorly put together. The theme of gender roles really gets lost in crappy imagery that is spliced throughout.)

Onibaba – 6.5/10 (A Japanese movie from the 60’s about two peasants (a mother and daughter) who make a living by killing lone samurai and selling their armor. The movie picks up when the mother is confronted by a “demonic mask” wearing samurai, who she obsesses over seeing his face. Not the fastest paced movie, but worth watching for the symbolism)

Turistas – 2.5/10 (These movies “Hostel” and “Saw” included are just plain junk. They take way too long to develop and really don’t have a pay off. The plots hardly seem plausible and this movie had an overtly anti American message which really made it a pile of crap.)

The Bridge – 6.5/10 (A documentary on people who commit suicide by jumping off of the Golden Gate Bridge, fails to really have much of an impact because of its length. They tried to weave all the stories of depression together, but it was too much of the same story. The video of jumpers was disturbing but the movie as a whole really lacked its impact because of how drawn out it was)


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