Life Without Anathallo

If you have been reading our site for awhile now you will know that Koz and Cal are huge fans of Anathallo.  Appearing in countless “best of” and “year end” lists and documenting their every new song and move, we bordered on obsession (just do a search for Anathallo on our site and you will see what I mean).  Since 2010 Anathallo has been broken up/on break and we heard little more than this statement from band member Bret Wallin:

Many of you know me from a past life. One which included month-long van rides, small rooms in the back filled with bottled water, playing Tetris with a trailer and seven people’s musical equipment, a dry hoodie over a sweat-filled shirt by the end of each night. So let’s put it on the record. It’s not as though we put a stake through Anathallo’s vampire heart. It’s more that we wandered the band back to rest, to let it sleep through the day. And whatever or whoever wakes up in its place, we’ll see.

That is until now, as we have 2 post Anathallo project sightings:


A new project from Danny Bracken and Erica Froman…….or possibly a new project as there is very little information on their bandcamp page


There is even less information about this new project from former frontman Matt Joynt

Younger is Matt Joynt (Anathallo) & Ryan Hammer (Unwed Sailor,The Skull), a collaborative effort of improvised experimental drone/noise/dance music which tend toward the discovery of liminal spaces.

Younger’s first release is coming in 2011.

See my interview with Matt Joynt & Ryan Hammer aka Younger here – Link

You can stay tuned to this page for more info – Link


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