Larry and Magic

“You look like AC Green, bitch don’t call here anymore…”

by Ryan Meehan

Before I get started, I just want to mention that I realize this book was published well over two years ago.  Since then the NBA has seen its share of good and bad times, many similar to those mentioned within these pages.  So all apologies to everyone for not getting to this review sooner, but we’ve been a little busy here and to say that the NBA isn’t exactly our top priority is a bit of an understatement.
However, I did want to read this because I grew up playing basketball and watching Larry Bird and Magic Johnson, as well as Michael Jordan and the other NBA superstars from that era.  My next door neighbor Jeremy used to have a basketball hoop in his driveway and we were always trying to emulate those players.  His favorite was Larry Bird, a hard-working white bread forward who played for the Boston Celtics, which was also his favorite team.  But the legend of Bird broke through the public glass ceiling in 1979 when he took Indiana State all the way to the NCAA championship game that year.

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Mount Eerie – To The Ground 7″ (Review)

The diverse musical arc of Phil Elverum takes another slight detour on his latest 7″, yet at the heart of it he still holds true to the sound we have become so familiar with.

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Korean Film News

Last month Park Chan-wook did an interview with Korea Joongang Daily. Some great tidbits about the director and his upcoming film StokerLink


  • His next film will be The Axe which he had planned on shooting before Stoker was presented to him
  • An interesting blurb on making films in Hollywood ” The assistant director here once scared me a bit when he told me I’d have to give up some scenes if I didn’t finish a shot in 15 minutes.”
  • He considered remaking Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. but passed on it because of his love for the film

We see our first trailer for Hong Sang-soo’s Canne Film Festival entry In Another Country.

Yi Seung-jun’s documentary about a deaf and blind man’s relationship with his wife who is disabled called Planet of Snail, made its North American debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.


by Ryan Meehan

Over these past few years I’ve become quite vocal when there’s an event we shouldn’t care about for whatever reason or another, and it’s usually followed by some long and drawn out article detailing why nobody should pay attention to it.  Unfortunately if you hate those posts, you’re not going to be a huge fan of this piece.

The NFL draft is one of the most overhyped events in all of sports.  It’s like the Olympics, but every year and with a lot more hair gel.  It’s hard to hate on the players themselves, because in all fairness to them this is the moment they’ve waited their whole life for and for most of them the signing day that follows will be the largest payday they’ll ever have.  It’s not them I have a problem with, it’s how ESPN sells it.  But it still sucks and I don’t plan on watching.

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Get The Gringo (2012) – Review

Last Tuesday Ain’t It Cool News held an advance screener of Get the Gringo, Mel Gibson’s latest movie (sic) in 10 cities across the United States. Self-financed and released by Mel’s Icon Productions, Gringo is bucking all traditional routes of launch and will be released on Direct TV Video On Demand on May 1st.  My colleague Thoughtblocking and I had the privilege (sic) of attending the screener for FOH and bring to you this report.
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