Hulu Plus – Pick of The Day

The Thick Of It


Great news for those of you who loved the 2009 British comedy In The Loop.  Hulu has announced that they will be airing Season 4 of The Thick Of It at the same time it is brodcast in the UK.  To kick off their announcement, the have exclusive rights to the first 3 seasons of the show and have made them available to the masses via their Hulu Plus service.

What is The Thick Of It?  It is a halarious satire of the British government that takes everyday mundane subjects of government life and spins them on their head.  First aired in 2005 and was followed up with a second season and the Cal Pick comedy In The Loop which was a spin off of the series.  The character of Malcolm Tucker played by Peter Capaldi is one of the funniest performances of the last 20 years.  Not so sure?  Check out this link (very NSFW because of language)

The satire is pretty thick and it can be hard to understand at first because of the British accents but this show (and movie) are a must watch.


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