Best of 2012: The Guest Lists


It has been a crazy year and we have featured some great comedians, musicians and various others from around the entertainment world.  In our final Best Of segment we present to you a few lists from some of those people that we have highlighted, interviewed etc. throughout the year.

The NFL guys will continue their write-ups to finish out the season, but for the rest of us it is a much-needed break.  There might be intermittent content but we plan on resuming regular coverage on January 7th.

As always, thanks for being a First Order Historians reader.  We really appreciate you all and look forward to another great year in 2013.  Oh and it will be the return of the KOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cal Meacham
First Order Historians


Geoff Farina – (Interview)

Top 10 Used LPs purchased for under $5 in 2012:

Pierre BensusanPrès De Paris

Dave Van RonkInside

Norman Blake Directions

Hazel Dickens – Hard Hitting Songs For Hard Hit People

Buck Owens And His BuckaroosI Don’t Care

Barney KesselFeeling Free

Hank LocklinBorn To Ramble

Bola SeteOcean

John Coltrane and Johnny HartmanJohn Coltrane And Johnny Hartman

Tony Joe WhiteBlack And White

Comedian Myq Kaplan – (Interview)

1) Pro/Con, a music video by Zach Sherwin AKA MC Mr. Napkins:

This is one of my favorite people/comedians/rappers doing what he does best, making things rhyme while also helping people learn some new vocabulary. (For example, “lexicon” could be a new vocabulary word that means “set of vocabulary words that you know.” If you want. Language and communication are all about agreeing on things. Am I right? If not, then no!)

2) Chik Tract, an extrasode from the podcast of Paul F. Tompkins, the Pod F. Tompkast:

Paul is one of my favorite comedians to listen to, watch, and then start talking like. And then try to stop. That part is hard. He is delightful. His podcast is wonderful, and this bonus episode of it contains a chunk of his standup on the Chick-Fil-A situation from earlier this year that is superb. (The standup is superb; the situation was not.)

PS Also check out his most recent special, Laboring Under Delusions, if you like:

3) Gummy Bear Hundrednaire, a music video by George Watsky:

Another of my favorite rapper people, this is (as of this typing) his latest video. He’s got lots of them, including his first one that went viral originally called “Pale Kid Raps Fast” (I trust your googling skills). Millions of people have watched his videos. Don’t you want to be like millions of people? No? Well, that’s reasonable. But still, good video. (Also, it’s possible only a few people watched them, but MILLIONS of times. Either way, check it out!)

4) Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth, by Dan Slott:

I’ve always loved Spider-Man, but I don’t always read every Spider-Man comic book. But Dan Slott is amazing, and this is possibly my favorite story of his. Spider-Man has to save the world maybe even though everyone hates him and doesn’t want him to (I’m paraphrasing or making things up to make sure I don’t spoil anything, but don’t let any of my words detract from your desire to just read this).

5) Some Nights, a song by fun.:

I can listen to this song over and over. I HAVE listened to this song over and over. I can type how much I’ve listened to this song over and over… over and over. I HAVE… This song makes me feel good, in my heart, in my brain, all through my body. Pancreas, gallbladder, phalanges, patellas, you know, all the parts where you feel things. It’s beautiful. I know a lot of people like this band, and I know that sometimes I listen to things because I hear that a lot of people like them, and that might be why I heard of this band, but even if everyone stops liking them because everyone likes them (has that happened yet?), I will not care. This song makes my ears feel good. Did I say ears already? Them too. Maybe the most. Tie between ear and brains maybe. (Why do we say “brains” when there’s only one? I think. Come on, brains, answer myselves. Anyway. fun. Listen.)

The Punkguy

Caspian – Waking Season – (double LP, 180 gram black (limited to 300)

really nice instrumental record..  for fans of Explosions, Godspeed and Giants

Fidlar – s/t – 180 gram black (technically out next year but early tour LP is great!)
fun, drug inspired punk.  the kind of music LA kids listen to before the drive high.
Neil Halstead – Palindrome Hunches – (180gram vinyl with bonus 45″)
member of Slowdive and Mohave 3’s third solo LP is just simply beautiful.
Grizzly Bear – Sheilds – (double LP, 180 gold vinyl, limited to 1000)
you know who they are.  and you agree.
Chelsea Wolfe – Unknown Rooms: A Collection of Acoustic Songs (limited to 500, black vinyl) 
haunting pretty vocals..  this record is best save for sex or horror movies
Panopticon – Kentucky  – swamp green (double LP, limited to 250 )
easily the most fucked up record I have ever heard, (that’s a compliment).  switching from black / death metal to bluegrass and southern hillbilly music.  my friends and I just listen to it sometimes to be amazed on where it’s going next.
Danny Brown – XXX – (double LP, white vinyl, available for RSD)
drugged out hip hop from Detroit on Fool’s Gold..  always pretty funny.  think ODB meets Em meets Asap?  maybe?
Two Gallants – The Bloom And The Blight  – 180gram black (w/ one sided 7″)
one of my favorite two pieces are back with a really dynamic record.  the songwriting and lyricism has really been stepped
up for this record.  
Mamiffer / Locrian – Bless Them That Curse You – double LP, brown vinyl limited to 275)
some really nice drone atmospheric metal.  quiet and ethereal at times.  other times, not so much.
Papir – Stundum (double LP, black vinyl, Danish release only, technically came out late 2011, but totally worth mentioning here)
one of my favorite records last year…straight up psychedelic heavy jam band rock with no vocals.
this is great driving music.  check it out if you don’t know them..
runner ups:
Nadja – Dagdrøm – green (hand numbered, silk screened cover autographed)
EL-P – Cancer 4 Cure (4LP) – clear blue, clear red, limited release
Spaces – Nothing Exists but Atoms and the Void – dark red (hand numbered)
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thepunkguy and recordnerdz

James Collin – (Feature)

Alabama Shakes – “Boys & Girls“:
– I first heard these revival rockers while recording in a studio in Chicago. The engineer showed me a video he shot of them recording there while they were on tour. Raw, real and believable.
– Santigold straddles the line between several genres – hip/hop, synth-pop, tribal and indie rock. The production is fantastic. Whatever your reason for listening, Santigold is a thoroughly satisfying spin.
How to destroy angels_ – “An omen EP_”:
– If your into analog drum machines, circuit bending and prepared piano, the second installment by this electro-industrial supergroup won’t disappoint. Sparse, moody and a bit more melodic than Reznor’s previous outputs.
– Kevin Parker’s voice is a dead ringer for John Lennon. Add some fuzzy guitars, church organ, synths and driving bass and you have something closer to ELO meets QotSA meets The Fab Four. A little dark, a little fun, and very interesting.
Japandroids – “Celebration Rock“:
– For my late 90’s rock sensibilities, Japandoirds hit the spot. No horns, no keys, no banjos. Just straight up angsty rock goodness.
Leonard Cohen – “Old Ideas“:
– This album is classic Cohen. It’s good to know he’s still got it, even at 78.
Port St. Willow – “Holiday“:
– Great sound, great voice, not for those who like pop, it’s definitely more experimental, but in a good way.
Kishi Bashi – “151a“:
– Looping on violin, but with a healthy mix of folk and rhythmic pop sensibilities, I first heard Kishi Bashi via NPR. Suddenly I am hearing him everywhere. A very fun album.
– The new kings of riff looping. Most of us first heard them via the soundtrack to the documentary Helvetica. It’s amazing how much noise 2 people can make. This album sees them carry on similar styles as the previous, with some interesting tangents sprinkled throughout.
Bat For Lashes – “The Haunted Man“:
– A bit stripped down compared to the production on her previous releases. A great listen.

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