Promising New Band (Artist): Jonwayne


Since Shabazz Palaces Black Up, I have been starving for new, fresh sounding hip hop and that MC has arrived.  Stones Throw’s very own (not shy of controversy) Jonwayne has dropped a Cassette of new material titled………Cassette 2.


Jonwayne’s arrival on Stones Throw was a beats mix titled Oodles of Doodles which sounded like 8 bit inspired beats with a dash of Madlib/Oh No thrown in and it showed promise of another solid S.T. artist.  The infamous Cassette followed in late 2012 and then 2013 brought us 36 minutes of raps & beats from Jonwayne, feat. Jeramiah Jae, Zeroh, Quelle.  It is the second tape that he has released in the past 6 months and it delivers a concise, infectious and fun hip hop album.  The catch is that is available in cassette for only, ditching the traditional digital route.  We look forward to future releases from Jonwayne and keep your eyes open for reviews for Cassette and Cassette 2……….Coming Soon.

Jonwayne – Passing Fancies  (off of Cassette 2)


Stones Throw SiteLink



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