Promising New Band: The Multiple Cat



By Cal Meacham

With their first release in over 10 years, The Multiple Cat has stormed back into the indie pop world with The Return Of.  Hailing from the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) The Multiple Cat had a smattering of releases in mid 90’s and then they moved on to other projects/passions (including the formation of Futureappletree Records and Daytrotter).  The Return Of marks a return to form for the band with 8 indie pop gems.  Upbeat melodies and catchy vocal melodies are all over these tracks and they are the perfect soundtrack for the coming summer.  Is The Multiple Cat back for the long term?  We sure hope so!

R.I.Y.L – The Boy Least Likely To, Harlem Shakes (the band not the song), The Lucksmiths

Purchase the New Album here – Link

Futureappletree Records – Link

Facebook – Link



4 thoughts on “Promising New Band: The Multiple Cat

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