On June 16th, Benjamin Crabb, Sarah Campbell, & Peter Sedlak, lost their home and all of their possessions to a fire in downtown Moline.

A Benefit for them will take place Tuesday, June 25th, at RIBCO (Rock Island Brewing Company). The event starts @ 7:00 PM and goes to 11:00-ish.

The Benefit will include a show, silent auction, and raffle.

Bands playing are: The Multiple Cat, Comfort, chrash, White Zephyr, Idpyramid (with more to possibly be added – watch for posts). The silent auction & raffle prizes include donations from: Skellington Manor, The Crane & Pelican, RIBCO, The Adventure Orange, Daytrotter, Trash Can Annie, River Music Experience, Ragged Records (more donations coming daily – please check back!)

If you have a business or service & would like to donate to the raffle or silent auction, please contact Bob @ Ragged Records: 563-324-3579. Anything you can give would be very appreciated.

As stated, the event is Tuesday, June 25th, at RIBCO. There will be a $5.00 cover, (all proceeds going to Ben, Sarah, & Pete). Monetary donations accepted at the door.

Please come out, be generous, & support our friends. Share this post, & encourage everyone to participate. See you there!

Links to other events giving proceeds and other ways of helping out Ben, Sarah and Peter:


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