‘The Raid 2: Berandal’ Red Band Teaser Trailer

By Coach Ryan

In spring of 2012 the world (OK the Indie film world) was introduced to “The Raid: Redemption,” an hour and forty minute adrenaline ride that followed a group of Indonesian SWAT Team members storming through a thirty story building trying to take down a crime boss. The premise was simple, the dialogue and story were brief, and the action was intense but well thought out by director Gareth Evans. (Check out Cal Meacham’s review here) If you haven’t caught the first one, cancel your plans for the evening and get ready for a film that puts almost any American action movie to shame.

Today Evans has released the teaser trailer for the sequel which finds our hero Rama sitting in jail and taking out some major frustration on the wall in his cell. The red band trailer captures the spirit of the first movie with being intense, full of action, and once again well thought out. It’s obvious that this time around Rama will be causing chaos out past 30 story buildings and has blips of things happening on a subway, fighting inside of a speeding car, an angry woman with (what I presume to be) a hammer, and someone who is riding their last escalator.

Rumor has it that the sequel will have a total of 17 action scenes clocking in on over an hour of screen time making it apparent that The Raid 2 will be to the point and an adrenaline ride with the body count  being well into the double digits. For the most part Evans has been keeping a tight lip on the actual story line and why Rama is actually sitting in jail is a mystery. He has come out and said that the movie opens just two hours after Redemption ends so it won’t take long to figure out what that wall has done to piss off Rama.

The Raid 2: Berandal opens in 2014.


About Coach Ryan

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