Promising New Band: Service Bells


By Cal Meacham

Australia is quietly churning out some great indie rock groups, including previous P.N.B. pick Field Trip.  The latest, Service Bells are a dark sprawling secret waiting to be told through a pulsing guitar riff and monotone vocals.  Unlike their kin Interpol, Service Bells are more concerned with interesting harmonies without all the glum.  They know how to rock a chorus without cluttering up the sound with overdubs.  Their new 2 song Ep Prospector’s Waltz/Metropolis shifts from the robotic thrust of GVSB to a pop chorus in a strong swift blow.  While these are the only 2 songs that we have heard from them, they are in process of writing a follow up EP for early 2014 and will be featured on a Duran Duran tribute album due out in February.

R.I.Y.L. – Interpol, Girls Against Boys, TV Ghost


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