Glenn Jones – From A Forgotten Session


We are always excited to post new music by Glenn Jones and here is the first peak at the 3 song record being release by Thrill Jockey for Record Store Day 2014.

Info: “Island III” and “Against My Ruin” were both originally recorded for Glenn’s 2007 album Against Which the Sea Continually Beats, and were subsequently played live as a medley. The recording that appears on Welcomed Wherever I Go was recorded in December of 2011 at the well-loved and now shuttered Brooklyn club Zebulon.   “From A Lost Session” was a recording lost to time until Glenn discovered an unmarked CD-R in his archives, presumably during that classic session with Jack Rose.  Welcomed Wherever I Go is being released in a limited edition, vinyl-only format for Record Store Day 2014.

Track list:

  • 01. Medley: Island III / Against my Ruin
  • 02. From a Forgotten Session
  • 03. The Orca Grande Cement Factory at Victorville (with Cian Nugent)