Classic Albums – Madison Avenue – “The Polyester Embassy” Original Release Date 10/02/2000‏


by Ryan Meehan

I had meant to do this write-up several years back, to be more specific in October of 2010 which would mark the 10th anniversary of this record’s release. But then I realized that waiting for a classic album’s release anniversary isn’t always the key point of these pieces, and by doing a retrospective on the album’s impact I would essentially be promoting some of these ridiculous anniversary collections that make the record company money while paying the artist jack shit. (That being said, I will completely contradict myself here in about a month and a half, so stay tuned) If you’re really inspired by something, you should be able to acknowledge its presence at any point in time and that’s why I’ve decided to write this entry.

I first came across Madison Avenue when I started really getting into club music. The first single off of this record jumped out of the speakers, and I was almost sure that these guys would be the biggest thing to come out of Australia since INXS.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. But their short-lived international success did prove to be a true example of a formula that is very effective when it comes to dance music: You have one DJ (Andy Van) who seriously knows his stuff…and one singer who fits that same description (Cheyne Coates). A lot of people criticize dance and club music for being simple and repetitive, but I’ll always have respect for anyone who sticks to a formula that works and Madison Avenue was just that. Continue reading