Book Review: Greg Gutfeld – “Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and their War on You”‏‏


by Ryan Meehan

Fifteen years ago I was a piece of shit. I drank almost every day, and had no concept of what it meant to be a respectful and productive member of society. Additionally I was also buying into the idea that as long as I was going to college, it didn’t matter what I was doing off campus. I was one of the many individuals who had been sold on the school of thought that college is the single most important thing you can do after the completion of grade sixteen.

Nowadays things have definitely changed for the better. I spend a great deal of time walking, mountain biking, and inline skating which have for the most part fed my dire need for an adrenaline rush in place of simply assuring the fine folks at Seagram’s they would be once again getting hefty bonuses at Christmas time. I have a great job in a lucrative field selling a product that 99.5% of the general public owns. That position also has given me health insurance, as well as a reinforced belief that if I work hard my work ethic will continue to improve on a daily basis. If I could take a look at the 19 year old version of myself, I’d grab him by the throat and there would be a lot of yelling done on my part.    Continue reading