7 Questions with Gina Brillon


by Ryan Meehan

Comedian and writer Gina Brillon has as much sex appeal as she does sass within her in your face style of Stand-up comedy. Brillon’s rare mix of femininity and fearlessness have made her a hit with crowds across the globe. The Bronx born Latina has no trouble connecting with her male or female fans, using her raw honesty about everything from what it’s like being an “Ethnic” to a brutal breakdown of the female mind. Brillon is a regular on the New York scene performing at Carolines Comedy Club, Laugh Factory, Stand up NY,The Comic Strip, and Gotham Comedy club. She has also been featured in a number of independent film productions such as “The Mime” series, “Consequences”, “Went to Coney Island”, and the “Cyclist” as well as opening for singers Chrisette Michelle and Neyo. Some of Brillon’s other achievements include being featured on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, Comedy.TV, MTV3, SiTV, Latina magazine and Several News Papers including the New York Post and the Daily News.  We are delighted to have her as our guest today in 7 questions.   Continue reading


7 Questions with Dave Ingram of Down Among The Dead Men


By Ryan Meehan

Down Among The Dead Men is a new musical project from the minds of Dave Ingram and Rogga Johansson. Dave is well known from his time as vocalist for two of England’s mightiest metal legends, Bolt Thrower and Benediction, along with his Danish band Downlord and his current online radio shows: Metal Breakfast Radio and Lambert’s Baement. Rogga is equally legendary with multiple bands under his belt including: Paganizer, Ribspreader, Fondlecorpse, Humanity Delete and The Grotesquery, just to name but a few. Joining them is Rogga’s fellow PAganizer and Ribspreader member, Dennis Blomberg. Session drums on the album were performed by Erik R. Bevenrud and future live shows will have Matte Fiebig on drums. Down Among The Dead Men’s musical style has been described as crust-riddled punk with a definite death metal edge. The self-titled, full length debut was released on Cyclone Empire Records on November 22nd 2013, was released on Metal Blade Records back in February.  Legendary death metal vocalist Dave Ingram was cool enough to be our guest in 7 questions.     Continue reading

7 Questions with Jimmy Shubert


by Ryan Meehan

A Philly native, growing up as the son of a Philadelphia Detective wasn’t easy for Jimmy Shubert. He says “It was like having Lieutenant Colombo as a roommate, most of my childhood was an interrogation scene from Law & Order ” Jimmy and his band of six brothers were always getting into trouble, and being the middle child, Jimmy learned at an early age that a sense of humor could get him through any situation. He attended the Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. It was from those experiences in acting class that Jimmy knew he wanted to be a comedian. Always the class clown, Jimmy performed magic tricks for his friends and family at 10 years of age. By the age of 15, he had become an accomplished professional magician. He later channeled that energy into stand-up comedy.  His unique ability to see the humor in social trends and deliver his poignant and hilarious point of view on world issues has made Shubert one of the most respected and original comedians working today.  Jimmy started performing right out of high school in comedy clubs around the Philly area. He later moved to Los Angeles and started working at the Comedy Store. It was at the Comedy Store where he later met Sam Kinison, and after taking him offstage on a motorcycle in front of a packed house at the Main Room they became fast friends. Kinison liked Shubert’s cockeyed chutzpah and included him as one of the original “Outlaws of Comedy” which he toured with for five years, playing major casinos in Las Vegas and other venues like the Universal Amphitheater in front of audiences as large as 6,500 people. In 1997, after a well-recognized performance at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal , he was spotted by the late Brandon Tartikoff, who signed Jimmy to a holding deal to develop a pilot sitcom for him to star in at 20th Century Fox, which led to another holding deal and then finally a Pilot.  Jimmy’s comedy routine is usually performed with an observational point of view, in comedic short-story form, and typically focuses on poking fun at pop culture.  We are delighted to have Jimmy Shubert as our guest today in 7 questions.   Continue reading

7 Questions with Steve Simeone


by Ryan Meehan

Steve Simeone is a comedian. When he is not on the road, you can usually find him at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. This spring, Steve will make his Comedy Central debut on Gabriel Iglesias’ “Stand Up Revolution”. He would rather write movies than this bio, so if you want to know who he is, please listen to his podcast “Good Times with Steve Simeone”.  We are happy to have him as our guest today in 7 Questions.   Continue reading

5 Questions with Chad Daniels


by Ryan Meehan

From Chad himself:  This is more of an AutoBio than a Bio. The truth is, most comedians write their own bios. I’m not judging. It’s a lot easier to brag about one’s own accomplishments while hiding behind third person. They are very well written. It seems comedians either 1. Have a Masters in English, or 2. A Thesaurus, and a lot of free time. I have neither. I could write things like: Chad’s devilishly naughty nature shines through like comedy gold when he takes the stage. Chad’s disarming personality allows him to push boundaries only the truly funny attempt. His edgy style usually begins by splitting the room into two equally stunned fractions and then miraculously ends up with everyone leaving the club with a new favorite comedian. But that’s lame. Or I could write: Plenty of comics have jokes about marriage and children, but few speak about the experience with such uncompromising honesty. “Babies are miracles. Think about it. When they’re born their feet are tiny. Yet, they can somehow step on all your hopes and dreams.” It’s this acidic material, cut with underlying sweetness and served up with a knowing smirk, that perfectly encapsulates Daniels’s take-no-prisoners style of comedy. Even though he was born and raised there he’s not interested in Minnesota Nice. With his onstage swagger and arsenal of incisive, uproarious material, he practically bullies the audience into loving him. Sounds awesome, but that’s not how I talk.  The truth is I’d rather you come see me to check it out for yourself.  To get you to the club I’ll tell you this:  In 2004 I performed in the New Faces show at the prestigious Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. I’ve been on the Late Late show on CBS with Craig Kilborn and Craig Ferguson. In 2006 I was on Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham. I have three CDs. “Two Minutes for Stale Hacking” which was self-produced, “Busy Being Awesome” and my latest “You’re the Best” both on Stand-up! Records. I was named “Artist of the Year” in comedy by City Pages in 2009. I’ve been seen numerous times on “The Bob and Tom Television program”. I performed at the Aspen Comedy Festival for Rooftop Comedy and was given the award Comic’s Comic. I have a half hour special called Comedy Central Presents… Chad Daniels, which was voted #5 of all time in 2010. I am one of 13 comedians that have the honor to say they were on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. I was invited back to the Just for laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal to perform in The Masters Show. In 2012, I won the Gilda’s Laughfest Competition, performed on Conan’s new show, and released a free one hour special called “As Is” on the internet.  I’m funny. If you’re still not willing to come to a show you’re just being difficult.   Well put, and that’s why we’re happy to have Chad Daniels as our guest today in 5 questions.     Continue reading