Coach Ryan’s Cleveland Browns Draft Wish List

Well folks it only took too many months and it’s still on a Thursday (you can read my disgust for that here) but it’s officially the NFL Draft. The way I see it there’s three different players I’d like to see the Browns take at 4 & 26 (in no particular order and assuming that Clowney is gone, which he should be). With the 4th pick in the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select:

Greg Robinson- STUD offensive lineman. Definitely not a glamour pick but he would cement the Browns as having the top offensive line in the NFL.


Khalil Mack- I watched him SHRED Ohio State’s offensive line last year during college football. Guy will be a perennial Pro Bowler and would be a perfect fit after getting older at the linebacker position.


Sammy Watkins- Really no description needed. Watkins continues to be the sexiest pick in the draft and he could go as high as #2, but he very realistically could be available at 4. Picking him would single handily rejuvenate the fan base making Watkins a superstar overnight and he’d probably become the most loved Cleveland athlete since LBJ.

Anyone of these players would be instant starters, contributors, and future Pro Bowlers. The interesting part about it is how none of them are quarterbacks, which brings us to the pick at 26. The Browns could take a quarterback or they also could wait until the second round where they could grab a players such as Zach Mettenberger or AJ McCarron. With the 26th pick in the draft the Cleveland Browns select:


Derek Carr- There is nothing worse than saying Carr won’t pan out due to the situation his brother was put in being picked #1 overall by Houston. Derek is a little rough around the edges and has some growing to do but make no mistake he has huge potential. He is a smart underrated quarterback who although not flashy could be a solid starter. The biggest comparison I can make to him is Kirk Cousins, and we all know how much Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan feels about quarterbacks like him.


Cody Latimer- A name a lot of Browns fans will be unfamiliar with, Latimer is quietly becoming a very intriguing prospect. Latimer lit up the combine by running a 4.39 which at slightly over 6′ 2″ and 225# tends to make a GM pay attention. If Watkins gets taken at 2 or 3 this could be a major possibility for Cleveland. He’s not exactly Sammy Watkins but Latimer could develop into a solid pro and be another instant contributor.


Johnny Manziel- Easily the most controversial player in this year’s draft, Johnny Manziel will be the player with the most eyes on him tonight in New York. You can’t argue with his record at Texas A&M but his love to take on defenders head on have a lot of teams scared. Manziel has tremendous upside if he can stay healthy and is probably the most dynamic playmaker the NCAA has had in years.   I do think Manziel is going to fall like Brady Quinn did in 2007, and like then the Browns could very likely use their second 1st round pick on him. If the Browns happen to get Manziel he’d instantly be known as  “Johnny Dawg Pound” and could possibly pair him with Josh Gordon and Sammy Watkins making the Browns one of the NFL’s most interesting teams.

As we know the NFL Draft is completely unpredictable but any of these players would look good in the brown and orange. Personally I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Watkins and Manziel. One thing is for sure, tonight makes or breaks the Browns future and will define the Jimmy Haslam and the Ray Farmer era. I do believe the Browns are on the verge of being a really good NFL team but that only happens if they are able to nail the draft, I along with the rest of Cleveland can only wait and hope.


About Coach Ryan

Most people say those who can't play coach and that couldn't be more false for this physical specimen. His advanced athleticism could have led to multi million dollar contracts but instead he decided to be a PE teacher to teach others what it is like to be...unstoppable.

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