7 More Questions with Don Jamieson


by Ryan Meehan

Comedian Don Jamieson is currently co-hosting VH1 Classic’s hit heavy metal talk show series, “That Metal Show” where legends of rock hang out to discuss their past and current projects in front of a live studio audience full of metal maniacs. Rolling Stone Magazine has dubbed “That Metal Show” one of the 50 Best Reasons To Watch TV, and Don holds residence at legendary label Metal Blade Records which has released his most recent album “Hell Bent for Laughter”.  He is also a co-host on “Beer Money,” a fast-paced, non-traditional sports quiz show airing on SNY (SportsNet New York).  Amongst his many accomplishments, Jamieson’s stand-up CD “Live & Hilarious” hit the Top 20 on iTunes and Top 10 on the Billboard comedy charts. He also recently performed stand-up at Metallica’s Orion Music + More Festival; and was introduced by drummer Lars Ulrich. He is proudly sponsored by Monster Energy Drinks, and his proudest moment is becoming an “Emmy Award-Winner” for his work on HBO’s “Inside The NFL.” Don and long-time comedy partner, Jim Florentine, lent their brand of humor to the popular sports show; writing, producing and performing sports-themed comedy sketches.  The two have also collaborated on the hidden-camera DVD and Comedy Central web series, “Meet The Creeps” as well as a series of prank call CD’s, “Terrorizing Telemarketers,” which get a lot of airplay on the Howard Stern radio show. He is also a joke writer for the country’s best celebrity roaster, Lisa Lampanelli and has lent his voice to MTV2’s “Crank Yankers.”  Don’s stand-up act brings his everyday take on life with an added dash of sarcasm for good measure.  Besides performing at clubs in New York City, Don tears it up at clubs and theatres all over the country. For the last seven years, he has been the regular opener for Andrew Dice Clay.  He started his career as one of the young and talented comedy minds at MTV helping to launch the careers of comics like Jon Stewart, Kevin James and Tom Green, but unbeknownst to many, Don was spending his nights on the local comedy scene developing his own comic style. He recently wrapped production for the 13th season of “That Metal Show”, is currently in production of his second season of “Beer Money”, and he’s once again our guest in 7 questions.

RM:  It’s been a little under two and a half years since we last talked…How has your life changed since then?

DJ:  I’ve sprouted up another 7 inches which now puts me at 6’9″.  Thinking about entering the NBA draft next year.

RM:  How does the material on your new record “Hell Bent for Laughter” differ from “Live and Hilarious”?  As a comedian, is there anything that has varied about your writing style since the release of the first CD?  And how do you think fans have responded to the new disc?

DJ: I’m like the AC/DC of comedy.  I play the same 3 notes but I just change them up a little.  Both the metal and comedy worlds have been really supportive and positive.  We hit #9 on the iTunes comedy charts.

RM:  You guys just wrapped up the thirteenth season of “That Metal Show”…Where does the program go from this point; and who are some of the guests that you’d like to have on next season?

DJ:  Next season we’re doing something new with ‘Stump The Trunk’.  Whenever Eddie gets one wrong he’ll have to strip down to a G-string.

RM:  When you’re in the process of writing a joke that you are having a hard time tying together, what do you do to try to distract yourself from the writer’s block that you’ve just experienced?  And when you finally return to finish the job, what do you do in order to approach the joke from a different angle?  Do you have to come at it the second time with an entirely separate mindset?

DJ:  Every joke is different.  Sometimes they come right away and other times you have to leave them alone for a while and give them a fresh eye a few weeks, months or even years later.  I never throw away any notes.  Like a mind, a good dick joke is a terrible thing to waste.

RM:  What’s the most bizarre nugget of sports trivia that you have learned since the inception of “Beer Money”?  Which teams do you consider yourself to be a huge fan of; and for how long have you been a fan of each?

DJ:  Derek Jeter totally freeballs off the field.

RM:  You were close with Randy Blythe of Lamb of God and kept in touch with him after that whole scenario in the Czech Republic had played out…Other than disbelief, what were some of the emotions that were going through your mind while he was in prison?

DJ:  I just hoped that the legal system over there would make the right decision and realize that just because he and his band play loud, aggressive music doesn’t mean he wants to hurt anybody.

RM:  Let’s say that tomorrow I woke up and had no memory of being a fan of heavy metal music…What are three records that would kick my brain’s ass and get me to remember why I was such a fan of it in the first place?

DJ: The 1st three that made me a fan:  Kiss ‘Destroyer’, Iron Maiden ‘Killers’, Judas Priest ‘Unleashed In The East’

RM:  Most people who come to see you now are likely huge fans of heavy metal, but before TMS it probably wasn’t always that way.  When did you finally come to the realization that you could talk about metal in your act without running the risk of alienating a large portion of the audience?  Was there a sense of relief that came with that realization; knowing that you could not only talk about metal but also joke about aspects of it as well?

DJ: Metal is a huge part of my life so how could I not talk about it?  I try to make the jokes broad enough that even the guy in khakis gets them too.

RM:  What’s up next for you in 2014?  Anything big in the works that we should know about?

DJ:  Jim Florentine and I have a series of hidden-camera comedy DVDs called ‘Meet The Creeps’ which will be released very soon on Netflix.  Very uncomfortable comedy with no happy endings.  The only time we like happy endings is when we go to a massage parlor.

Official Website:  http://www.donjamieson.com/site/

Don on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/donjamiesonofficial

Don on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/realdonjamieson

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