The 50 Worst NFL Free Agent Signings of the Last 25 Years


Brett Favre Douchebag

A common thread amongst NFL Fans is they always have a shopping list of players they think will finally push their teams to the promised land. But as with all things in life, there’s no guarantees. Here at Dubsism, we’ve already warned you about pinning your hopes on the NFL Draft when we pointed out the 10 worst picks since 2000.  Yesterday, we gave you an explanation of how the NFL Salary Cap works so that your “shopping lists” could be more realistic.

Today’s cautionary tale is all about signing players in free agency. Sometimes, this can be hugely successful in terms of rounding out a championship team.  Just ask the New England Partriots about how much the mid-season gamble on LeGarrette Blount paid-off in terms of that team’s run to another Super Bowl title.

That brings us to three main points you will discover throughout this piece. First…

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