The Deep Six: NFL Prime-Time “Rivalries” Nobody Should Have To Watch


Goodell Liarby J-Dub and Ryan Meehan

Let’s be honest.  In the American sports universe, the NFL is the proverbial 800-pouind gorilla. If you doubt that, we will remind you that later this week, ESPN will grind to a halt for three days of Roger Goodell reading names off a 3×5 index card.

Part of what makes the NFL so popular is it can provide a fantastic source of entertainment. Think about it.  No matter how menial or utterly fucking pointless your job is, you can pop an NFL game on your television and WHAM!  You are instantly transformed into a strapping lumberjack, who after a long day of splitting lumber in the forest can settle into a manly dinner of a large chunk of some kind of dead animal all while enjoying an NFL broadcast. After dinner, the NFL enjoyment continues with a toss of a flannel shirt, a stroke of…

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