A Chronology of the Death of Boxing – Part II


In the first installment in this series, I made the assertion the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight marked the official death of boxing.  But I also said it was a slow and painful demise. In the second installment, I will explore the rise and fall of Mike Tyson, the proliferation of boxing’s sanctioning bodies, and why boxing has no future in America.

Mike Tyson, Part I – The Buster Douglas Fight

Hence, we enter the “Tyson” era of boxing history.  Mike Tyson is the last “rock star” heavyweight champion, and short of Don King, nobody plays a larger role in the demise of boxing.

Mike Tyson was almost a perfect real-life representation of “Clubber Lang” from Rocky III.  He was downright scary, and his fights on the way to the title were less about boxing and more about sheer brutality.  Throughout the late 80’s on his way to the heavyweight title, Tyson…

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