Conversations Not Meant to Be Public: Jahlil Okafor Has A Problem With His Agent


conversations not meant to be public

By J-Dub and Ryan Meehan

Editor’s Note: This article is a collaborative effort between J-Dub and Ryan Meehan from First Order Historians. Read at your own risk. 

Sometimes, situations threaten to become a train wreck.  Sometimes, situations start as train wreck and only get worse. It’s a fairly safe bet the latter is true when it comes to the current state of relations between former Duke center and current Philadelphia 76er draft pick Jahlil Okafor and his agent.

Think about it.

This poor guy spent all this time between winning the National Championship at Duke and the NBA Draft looking at the likely prospect of becoming a Los Angeles Laker. The whole world had Okafor heading west to don the purple and gold of the Lakers. Now, if you are about to be a center in the NBA, how can you not be completely stoked by that thought?  Not…

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