Blogger’s Round Table: Vote on Which NFL Team Has The Worst Fan Base


The title contains a question which has been asked more than once, but has never really been answered.  It’s hard to answer something which is not only subjective, but strikes at the heart of the fact that we all have biases.  Worse yet, those biases lack any consistency.  You would expect Cowboys fans to hate Redskin fans the most, but not all of them do.  Some hate the Giants more; some hate the Eagles. Hell, some don’t even know football exists outside of Texas.

Hence, the problem.

To help solve that problem, we here at Dubsism commissioned a committee of bloggers; people who spend more time than the average fan paying attention to such matters because they…wait for it…blog about them.  Ours is an eclectic bunch; we cover all ages and geographic areas of this football-loving nation. Peruse the blogger’s thoughts, then participate in our very own poll…

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