NFL Week Four Preview


by Eight Thirty Seven with assistance from Dubsism and Jason from Indiana


The fourth week of the NFL season is here, and although it’s still early on we are starting to see the true colors of a lot of the teams in the league. Some are perennial early bloomers that will fade out as the season moves closer to the new year, and some are legitimate and here to stay. Some teams that are 1-2 are still in great shape, either because they play in awful divisions or because they simply haven’t played up to their own capabilities. And in some cases such as the AFC South, we really have no idea what’s truly going on. But we sure as hell can speculate, and isn’t that what makes this so much fun? This is what we think will take place in the last week of the first full month of the NFL schedule.

J-Dub Gambling Challenge
If Week 2 was the “Pay For Knowledge” weekend, then Week Three is when those dividends started rolling in.  Week Three saw the J-Dub bankroll get back to positive territory by a pretty wide margin.  For the week, the bankroll took those dividends to show a net profit of $841.50, which brings the season’s bankroll total to $3,116.50.
While that sounds all well and good, the problem is that Week 4 is looking like it could be the “Week of the Landmine.”  Just look at some of these lines, and you’ll see why the J-Dub Gambling Challenge is going on “Operation Lightfoot” this week.  I don’t mean Gordon Lightfoot, either, even though I have a bad feeling betting this week could be less like “Carefree Highway” and more “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.”
Since I can’t make all of these Dogs of the Week…

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