Artist Profile: Robyn Ryan


Photo courtesy of Shaze Impression Photography

by Ryan Meehan

Robyn Ryan is a fashion and commercial model, a makeup artist, and a diligent volunteer. Influenced by the rich colorful culture of the Caribbean, this Jamaican native was always inspired by beauty, gorgeous skin, red lipstick, and giving back. She has accomplished thirteen pageants and competition titles – four times Most Talented, Miss Congeniality, and TV Personnel & Talk Show Host – and is currently represented by four modeling and talent agencies. Robyn’s makeup journey started while she was modeling in her home country, and she remains passionate about the confidence with which her clients leave the artists’ chair. Ryan has worked with several top makeup and skincare companies as a model, makeup artist, and skincare specialist. Her experiences have led her to the development of her own label which she debut this spring of 2015 at Robyn is also heavily committed to making a difference in people’s lives as she continues to raise awareness and funding for Trinity Hospital, Dress for Success, Mary Kay Charitable Foundation, LiveFitWithLupus and the Miss YOU Can Do It Pageant. She is currently the Managing Director for Love Girls Magazine, a publication for girls by girls ages 13-19 years old. We are delighted to have Robyn Ryan as the subject of today’s artist profile.  Continue reading