Week Eight NFL Preview


by Eight Thirty Seven with assistance from J-Dub of Dubsism and Jason From Indiana

In last week’s game against the New York Giants, Dallas Cowboys defensive end and domestic violence enthusiast Greg Hardy caused all kinds of problems on the sidelines when he attacked players on the special teams unit after giving up an 100 yard touchdown run for a TD. After the game, owner Jerry Jones refrained from saying anything negative about Hardy and commended his leadership qualities. So I get up on Monday and turn on sports talk radio and everybody and their grandmother are talking about how it was a bad look for Jones to not say something publicly about Hardy’s lack of composure. Every single host I listened to discussed how “surprising” it was that Jones failed to call Hardy out, but why? Why the fuck would anybody be surprised that a Texas oil billionaire who drinks like it’s the end of the world give a free pass to a guy who was convicted of beating the shit out of his girlfriend and lost his shit on his own teammates on national television? That’s your hot take? Is that all it takes to do radio now? Plus, it was Jerry who took a gamble on his stupid ass to begin with…Do you really think he’s willing to admit he fucked that one up? Of course not, he’s Jerry Jones.

The rest of the league did a much better job at controlling their temper, and in my opinion Carolina was the real winner this week after toppling the Eagles on the Oh My God I Can’t Believe Cris Collinsworth Still Hosts The Highest Rated Program On Television show. The Patriots are still good, and Denver, Green Bay and Cincinnati didn’t play so there wasn’t any chance they wouldn’t remain undefeated. We’ve got a few stinkers as usual coming up on Sunday, but there are also some great ones here so let’s take a look at some of the things you might see go down in week eight of the 2015 NFL season.

Bye Weeks:  Buffalo Bills, Philadelphia Eagles, Washington Redskins, Jacksonville Jaguars

For the Bills, losing to the Jaguars is one thing. Losing to the Jaguars in a different country in the waning minutes of a game in which you let them score 27 points in one quarter when you’re supposed to have this “mad science” defensive mastermind must be enough to make you want to kill yourself by banging your head against a metal pole. I would say “So much for the Rexperiment”, but at 3-3 did we really expect anybody other than New England to finish that far over .500 anyway? I refuse to speak on the Redskins.

J-Dub:  Well, we are still above water, but the margin of victory at this point is thinner than a supermodel with a tapeworm.  The J-Dub Gambling Challenge finished ahead last week with a net profit of $85, bringing the season’s bankroll to $2,603.00.  That not a great total, but like I said, we still have more money than we started with. The question is how long does that last? Let’s see what this week brings.

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