Coach’s Death Watch: Week 6 – “Let’s All Go To The Movies”


By Jason From Indiana

You might ask what does a guy like me watch when I’m not watching sports?  I watch a lot of movies, which is exactly why it struck me there are movie characters who resemble the coaches on my list. Let’s look at my casting call for this week.

1) Chip Kelly ↔

A big part of "squeal" is don't clinch up." A big part of “squeal” is “don’t clinch up.”

I look at Chip Kelly and see Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Is Kelly going to squeal like a pig when he gets booted out of Philadelphia? After that performance by the Eagles on Thanksgiving, it would sure seem likely. Some people questioned my moving Chip from honorable mention to #1 with a bullet last week.  Philadelphia has seen back-to-back 40+ point blow-outs, and heading to a pissed-off Tom Brady at home in New England gives the Eagles slightly worse odds than the Christians facing the…

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