The Definitive Dubsism/FOH Assessment of the Twelve NFL Play-Off Teams


three stooges football

by J-Dub and Eight Thirty Seven

The post-season is upon us. Gone are the pretenders; we are down to the “Dirty Dozen” NFL squads that could legitimately take home the Lombardi Trophy. Naturally, only one will do it, because that’s just the way it is. Now, if you are a fan of one these dozen, you probably already think your team can win. That’s we explore the possibilities of just that for every playoff team.

Hope is a lot of things.  It is universal, and now every team in the play-offs has it. However, hope is not strategy, which is precisely why for eleven of these teams, this post-season is only going to end in disappointment. That’s why we are here to help you understand why your team could win, but more than likely won’t.

To avoid any appearance of showing a likelihood of any particular team winning, we’ve listed…

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