Coaches’ Death Watch: Sometimes, The Last Cut Is The Deepest


As the video says, some people think the first the cut is the deepest.  However, Rod Stewart isn’t an NFL fan, so he doesn’t understand that isn’t always true.  Black Monday has come and gone;   some heads rolled and some didn’t.   Oddly enough, it was J-Dub’s celebratory drinking binge over Chip Kelly’s pre-Black Monday demise that tipped me to the fact the musical key here didn’t lie with a soccer-loving Scotsman, but with a heroin-encrusted Brit.

The first cuts happened well before Black Monday.   First there was Joe Philbin.  Then there was Ken Whisenhunt.  Obviously, there’s what happened to Chip Kelly, which still has J-Dub guzzling sour mash like he thinks his liver is indestructible.  We all know that guy’s liver is going to end up in the Smithsonian once the addition to house it is completed, but this about the coaches we saw getting crushed by something…

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