FOH MLB Predictions – National League


By Cal Meacham and Coach Ryan,

Last Tuesday we brought you our AL picks where we both agreed that the Tigers are the team to beat in the American League, but what of the dominant National League. Keep in mind the American League hasn’t won back to back World Series Championships since 2004 & 2005. As a matter of fact the NL has won 3 out of the last 4 World Series with the cream of the NL crop being the Cardinals who have have been to four Fall Classics since 2004, winning two.

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FOH MLB Predictions – American League


By Coach Ryan and Cal Meacham,

With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day upon us it is time to dust off the old grey and Chief Wahoo ball caps and strap in for 162 games of baseball, baseball, baseball.

While some professional prognosticators would have you believe that they have a clairvoyance on par with Dr. Manhattan, others just cover themselves on both ends (here & here) so that they can say that they were right.  We at FOH can tell you up front that we claim to be neither of those things.  Instead we have derived a formula that involves equal parts baseball knowledge, love for our hometown teams and Yuengling.

The more Yuengling and craft beers we drink the more we like discussing our predictions and takes on everything you can find on our site. For Cal and myself, seldom do topics get us debating as much as baseball. We both are fans of the AL Central, and although we may root for different teams we still try to be somewhat realistic with expectations as we praise or critique players and teams around the league.

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The Future Of Star Wars: FOH Thoughts


By Joshua Yehl and Cal Meacham

Since Disney purchased Lucas Films from the George Lucas the entertainment media has been abuzz with daily news, rumors and general postulating as to what, where, when and who would be at the forefront of the new Star Wars movies.  FOH’s resident Star Wars Nerds, Editor-In-Chief Cal Meacham and IGN writer Joshua Yehl decided to give us their 2 cents on what is to come.

Best of 2012: The Guest Lists


It has been a crazy year and we have featured some great comedians, musicians and various others from around the entertainment world.  In our final Best Of segment we present to you a few lists from some of those people that we have highlighted, interviewed etc. throughout the year.

The NFL guys will continue their write-ups to finish out the season, but for the rest of us it is a much-needed break.  There might be intermittent content but we plan on resuming regular coverage on January 7th.

As always, thanks for being a First Order Historians reader.  We really appreciate you all and look forward to another great year in 2013.  Oh and it will be the return of the KOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cal Meacham
First Order Historians


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Best Of 2012: Comic Books

Joshua Top 10 Comics pic (1)

By Joshua Yehl

We are comic book fans here at FOH but wouldn’t know the first thing about writing a column about them so we reached out to a friend and IGN writer Joshua Yehl to get his opinion on this year’s best series.

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