Seek Out This Beer


Anderson Valley – The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy Gose

The German origin style of the Gose has been popping up in limited releases from breweries such as Westbrook who bottles their salty delicious beer.  But Anderson Valley has stepped up their game with their latest 128 Session Series Gose which was released in cans!

Perfect for a trip to the beach or a hot summer afternoon out in the park, The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy Gose has just the right balance of sour/tart goodness and remnants of salt in the dry finish.  Strong hints of lemon and coriander will twirl around your mouth and have you reaching for another sip and you will be glad you have a 6 pack.  At 4.2% abv this beer sits well in your beach cooler next to cans of Founders All Day IPA or Cigar City Florida Cracker.


Recommended if you like – Westbrook Gose, Leipziger Gose or Tart refreshing beers


New Track from Invalids – Tiny Coffins


A new Compilation was released today by the UK online magazine Musical Mathematics collecting 32 tracks from math-rock bands.  The compilation titled This Is Seven is free and includes a new Invalids track titled Tiny Coffins.


Check it out here – Link

Ex Hex – Hot and Cold 7″ (2014) – Review


By Cal Meacham

New Merge records signees Ex Hex bring their own brand of generic pop rock on their debut 7″.  This is music that should be made by late teen early twenties bands but here it is made by a woman in her 40’s and it doesn’t sound quite right.  In the same way that the charm wore off with the later Weezer albums, it is hard to be excited about flaccid riffs with equally lackluster vocals.

The songs aren’t completely devoid of interest, as the lead guitar part on Hot and Cold with its bent guitar string twang, spices up the otherwise boring song.  The best track Everywhere could even use a bit of a caffeine boost, as it lulls itself to sleep during the verses but the hook is definitely there.  My problem with the pop punk revival is that there is very little differentiation between all of the groups.  If you were to play this record along side one from La Sera, could I tell you the difference?   Probably not, but you will still hear it blaring out of the speakers at your local hipster bar, that much is a guarantee.

All attempts are made at catchy tunes, with repetition of title line phrases and ooo’s and ahh’s harmonies but none of it can save the sophomoric writing that is plastered all over these songs.  Three songs of constant shrugging but  I guess if they every bring back The Gilmore Girls, Lane Kim will have another band to fawn over.

Score – 4.0/10

ESPN Update – Yup, they still love manufacturing a story

Our readers know that the FOH staff have a common disdain for ESPN and the joke of a network that they have become.  But on the flip side their website is still the easiest place to get caught up on the scores of your favorite teams.

This morning I was greeted with this double gem of a side bar:


Within the top two stories is a clear Manufactured store/contorversy that ESPN is trying to generate so that they can write 10 articles and talk about it on every worthless show that they have in the afternoon, featuring some loudmouth know-it-all.  Does anyone care who Mariano Rivera would pick for his fantasy wiffle ball team?   Or what toppings he might put on his pizza?   Nope, but you can count on ESPN to turn this in to “big news”, that is for sure.

Secondly I leave you with this gem of an oversight:  “Escobar’s HR in 10th ends 0-0 tie vs. Twins.”  So let me get this straight.  The Twins lost?  I thought Eduardo Escobar played for the Twins……Maybe the Indians where a man short so they borrow Escobar for an inning…………..I am so confused.  I’ll leave it to our resident Cleveland Indians expert Coach Ryan to clear this up.