Best of 2012: The Guest Lists


It has been a crazy year and we have featured some great comedians, musicians and various others from around the entertainment world.  In our final Best Of segment we present to you a few lists from some of those people that we have highlighted, interviewed etc. throughout the year.

The NFL guys will continue their write-ups to finish out the season, but for the rest of us it is a much-needed break.  There might be intermittent content but we plan on resuming regular coverage on January 7th.

As always, thanks for being a First Order Historians reader.  We really appreciate you all and look forward to another great year in 2013.  Oh and it will be the return of the KOZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cal Meacham
First Order Historians


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Best of 2012: Movies


A great year for movies, especially with what came out overseas.  I decided that their were 8 films that I considered to be leaps ahead of the rest, so instead of adding 2 to make an even 10 I give you write ups on 8 and two honorable mentions.  There was only one film this year that I regret not being able to see before making this list which is Haneke’s Amour, but that is beyond my control.

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Best of 2012: Songs


By: Cal Meacham

Year after year I become less interested in full length albums because frankly, there just aren’t very many good ones.  Instead an album of 12 tracks will have 5 or so really strong ones and either filler tracks or bland, blah.  For the first time in many years, I hard a hard time deciding on a top 10 because there were so many good tracks.  So I present to you my favorite songs of 2012:

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by Ryan Meehan

Before we get started, I’d like to clarify that this in no way is a list of the best comedians working.  We all know that comics like Patton Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, and Chris Rock are at the top of their game right now but that doesn’t give us any new information.  This is a list of comics who in my opinion had breakout years and have taken themselves to the next level with their comedy.  I believe that in five years everybody on this list will be extremely popular in some way or another, be it onstage or via social media.  Comedy is headed in a direction where there are so many different ways to get it, that it is now possible to find funnier people on the internet than you would at one of the Comedy Store’s open mic nights.  Thankfully, there will always be people hitting the stage with new talent because people still like to go out and see a live show.  These are the five comics that really stood out to me as having a breakout year.   Continue reading

Best of 2012: Sports

Best of CR

By Coach Ryan,

Every year as Father Time brings us to a new year we look back at the movies, music, pop culture, and sports that made the past year special. Sports like many of these things in life have the ability to bring us the ultimate highs and agonizing lows, the difference with sports moments is unlike most other things they have the ability to actually bring us out of our seats cheering, leave us crying, or can make us so angry that we can break or burn things that in the past held dear to us (for the record I’d burn LeBron’s jersey again if I could). 2012 like years past have given us dozens of amazing and terrible moments but I am going to do my best to narrow down the list to the ten best moments that captivated us over the past year. To put a small twist on it I am not honoring any team that won a championship in their respected league (i.e. the NY Giants, Heat, Kings, or the SF Giants). Sorry but every year a sport is played a championship is handed out and therefore a professional sports team can not make my “Best of” list. Let’s all get this sorted out in Coach Ryan’s first ever Best Sports Moments of the Year! Continue reading