FOH MLB Predictions – National League


By Cal Meacham and Coach Ryan,

Last Tuesday we brought you our AL picks where we both agreed that the Tigers are the team to beat in the American League, but what of the dominant National League. Keep in mind the American League hasn’t won back to back World Series Championships since 2004 & 2005. As a matter of fact the NL has won 3 out of the last 4 World Series with the cream of the NL crop being the Cardinals who have have been to four Fall Classics since 2004, winning two.

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Cal’s Weekly Hockey Doctrine – 1/23/12

Coming off a stellar weekend of hockey including the powerhouse triple header on the NHL network on Saturday, this weeks slate of games doesn’t seem to be letting up in quality.  Two quality Red Wings games on NBCSports and the NHL Fantasy Draft packs this week full of hockey bliss.  Coach Ryan and I will also being doing a draft week special report so stay tuned for details.

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Cal’s Weekly Hockey Doctrine – 12/19/11

I apologize for the tardiness of my doctrine this week, I have been feeling a little under the weather the last 24 hours.  Maybe it is a cold or maybe it is a serious case of mediocrity that I am seeing out of the teams that I expect to see at the top of this list.  Either way I am going to need a nice warm blanket and plenty of rest, maybe by the end of December the NHL will bring me some good cheer and good health.

Cal’s Weekly Hockey Doctrine – 12/12/11

Last week was full of great games including Boston vs. Pittsburgh, Minnesota vs. San Jose and the 5-4 OT thriller between Philadelphia and Buffalo.  Injuries of marquee players continue to plague playoff bound teams and the Wild continue to amaze people with their performance.  I said at the beginning of the season that we would have a best of a finals with Detroit vs. Philadelphia but can one of the secondary teams make a mess of things?

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Cal’s Weekly Hockey Doctrine

The NHL season is in full swing and we here at FOH are big fans, so it is time we up our coverage and it starts with a weekly power 10 ranking from myself and Coach Ryan.  Feel free to sound off your opinions on our rankings, we would love to hear from hockey fans.  We know there are a lot of power rankings out there for the NHL but ours are better……..or at least funnier.