The Deep Six: Why Getting Weird Al Yankovic to perform at the Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Show might not be such a weird idea at‏ all‏


by Ryan Meehan

As die hard sports fans, we’d all like to think that we have no real opinion on the Super Bowl Halftime Show. This is the time that we use to relieve ourselves from all of the Busch Heavy that we drank in the first thirty minutes of the contest, and perhaps type up a few first half wrap-ups. But in reality, like it or not it is part of the experience. Over the past couple of weeks, a petition started by Ed Ball of Washington over at has been getting a lot of attention.  Ball supposedly drafted the petition while intoxicated, but the purpose of this petition is clear as day:  He wants the National Football League to get Weird Al Yankovic to perform at halftime of Super Bowl XLIX this February in Glendale, Arizona.

I used to listen to Weird Al a lot when I was younger.  We used to get the tapes and copy them for each other, and Al was a seemingly never-ending source of entertainment.  “Dare to be Stupid” was one of my favorite albums.  Eventually my tastes progressed towards much darker subject matter, and there was a certain passage of maturity that came with saying “I don’t listen to that stuff anymore”.  Nevertheless, I still respected the guy and the career he was able to put together with an accordion and wire-rimmed glasses.    Continue reading

Album Review: Deicide – “In the Minds of Evil” – 11/25/13


On Tuesday, death metal legends Deicide released their new album “In The Minds of Evil”.  We previewed the single a couple of months back when it was leaked ( ) but today we’ve decided to take a look at how the entire record shapes up compared to their long and storied history of double kick pounding and bible bashing.

As a Christian, the idea of Deicide is something that fascinates me because I highly doubt these dudes are into some seriously Satanic shit.  I think they say things and phrase things a certain way to get a rise out of people, and it works.  I don’t really believe that the guys in Deicide leave their house every morning out to legitimately convince people that they believe the devil is a red, horned alien looking weirdo that is rooting for you to watch more porn.  Those guys want to show the world who can really play metal, and they want you to very much understand that it’s them. Continue reading