The FOH Super Bowl XLIX Preview Extravagantacular



by Ryan Meehan

After a season of some fantastic NFL football – as well as a lot of real stinkers – Super Bowl XLIX is finally here.  For the second straight year, both one seeds in their respective conference will be appearing in the big game.  It should be one of the best Super Bowl in recent years, and after saying that about last year’s shitstorm it had better be.  The football Gods kind of owe us a good one here, as we had high expectations for last year’s game and it ended up being terrible.  We’ve still never had a Super Bowl go into overtime, and that’s something that every fan wants to see before they end up like Morgan Freeman’s character at the end of The Bucket List.  (Spoiler alert)  This one’s for all of the marbles, a saying that would be a decent analogy if anybody still played with marbles in 2015.  Sunday night we will get to see the Fourty-Ninth Super Bowl in NFL history, and this is the First Order Historians Super Bowl XLIX Extravagantacular.

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NFL Divisional Weekend Playoff Preview


by Ryan Meehan and Coach Ryan

The best week of the NFL season is here, with four games on the schedule featuring the last remaining participants of the year fighting it out until it gets whittled down to four.  This is my favorite week because it’s the last week there are games on multiple days, and you really get to see what a lot of the teams are made of.  Very little BS sneaks through this round, and this year we know we will have a new Super Bowl champion.  And it will likely be an exciting team to watch, at least more exciting than last year’s champion Baltimore Ravens.  There’s a lot to dig into, so let’s get started and kick off NFL Divisional Playoff Weekend here at First Order Historians…  Continue reading


by Ryan Meehan and Coach Ryan

Week eight is here in the NFL, and there are plenty of storylines to get to.  Believe it or not, I thought one of the more interesting moments last week came in the Panthers/Rams game where a fight ensued and there were some harsh words exchanged in the postgame interviews.  While I’m a fan of sportsmanship, I thought it was fascinating to see two teams go at it like that when you consider how quickly every writer in America wrote them off this year.  Here were two ballclubs that haven’t even been given the time of day by newspapers nationwide throwing punches just out of the locker room after halftime.  It really speaks volumes about the intensity of the NFL, and why we love it so much.  Speaking of Carolina… Continue reading