FOH MLB Predictions – American League


By Coach Ryan and Cal Meacham,

With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day upon us it is time to dust off the old grey and Chief Wahoo ball caps and strap in for 162 games of baseball, baseball, baseball.

While some professional prognosticators would have you believe that they have a clairvoyance on par with Dr. Manhattan, others just cover themselves on both ends (here & here) so that they can say that they were right.  We at FOH can tell you up front that we claim to be neither of those things.  Instead we have derived a formula that involves equal parts baseball knowledge, love for our hometown teams and Yuengling.

The more Yuengling and craft beers we drink the more we like discussing our predictions and takes on everything you can find on our site. For Cal and myself, seldom do topics get us debating as much as baseball. We both are fans of the AL Central, and although we may root for different teams we still try to be somewhat realistic with expectations as we praise or critique players and teams around the league.

Today, we bring you our predictions for the AL Central along with the rest of the American League: Continue reading

Reflections from the Cleveland Indians 2013 Season

By Coach Ryan,

If you’re reading this than it’s not news what happened last night to the Tribe. To be honest even though you can blame a few player’s performances on not getting some runs in, that’s the life of a Wild Card team. Unfortunately for the Tribe they hit a pitcher who has been on a tear and a team who has been playing for their lives even more so than the Indians. The current Wild Card format is great, it adds excitement. The problem is you play six months and then have your season come down to one game. It’s great if you win, frustrating if you lose. Continue reading

I Can’t Hate Albert Pujols

I’m a die hard Cubs fan and a proud member of the IvyEnvy podcast team.

One of the best rivalries in sports is the Cubs and Cardinals. Two working class cities with great fan bases that have a genuine competitive dislike for each other.

During last night’s broadcast, Corey had mentioned that Paul predicted Albert Pujols would get busted for juicing and all of us kind of generally agreed that we hoped that was not the case. I think we would all agree it would be bad publicity for a sport that is still struggling with image issues with regards to performance enhancing drugs. Continue reading

Awesome new MLB data tool

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has posted a data tool at their website that will let you search/sort any Milwaukee Brewer home run that has been hit in the Miller Park era.  For instance if you wanted to know how many home runs Prince Fielder has hit at away ball parks, with 1 out in the 3rd inning you can plug the data in to the drop down menus and away you go.

Check out the site here – Link

Here are the results of my inquiry:

Season Date Player Season # Career # Inning On Base Outs Opponent Stadium Opposing Pitcher Win/Loss
2008 Aug 01 Prince Fielder 23 103 3 0 1 Braves Turner Field Chuck James W

AL Central Offseason Moves

Post originally by – Pigpen

A look at the moves made so far this offseason by AL Central clubs…

White Sox

  • Acquired/re-signed: Mark Teahen, Omar Vizquel, Andruw Jones, J.J. Putz, Freddy Garcia, Juan Pierre, Freddy Dolsi, Jacob Marceaux, Wander Perez, Ryan Braun, Miguel Negron, Dylan Axelrod, Freddie Bynum, T.J. Bohn, Greg Aquino, Erick Threets, Mark Kotsay, Alejandro De Aza
  • Lost: DeWayne Wise, Scott Podsednik, Josh Fields, Chris Getz, Jon Link, John Ely, Wilson Betemit, Jerry Owens, Octavio Dotel

Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones, and Mark Teahen are 3 of the 25 players on your roster?  As a Tigers fan, that is great news.

Replacing Scotty Pods with Pierre makes sense, if that’s what you’re going for, though Podsednik was actually quite good for the Sox last season.

I just don’t understand why the team would rather have Andruw Jones than Jim Thome at DH.

The rotation should be awesome, as their 1-4 (Peavey, Buehrle, Danks, Floyd) is better than anyone outside of the AL East.  Maybe Putz can be a reasonable facsimile of the recently departed Octavio Dotel, but I have my doubts.  Hopefully the White Sox actually gave Putz a physical, unlike the Mets.

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