Week Six NFL Preview


by Eight Thirty Seven

Monday night in San Diego Mike Tomlin took a chance and went for the win with five seconds left on the clock by handing the ball off to Le’Veon Bell. It was beyond a gutsy call, as the clock would have likely run out had Bell not found the endzone and could have put the Steelers three games out of first place less than a month and a half into the season. You would have heard Chargers fans going ballistic at the monumental goal line stand which could have turned their average season into something they could be proud of…At least you would have, had there been enough Chargers fans in attendance to care. You would have thoughts those tickets were only sold at the Pirates-Cubs play-in game back in Pittsburgh. It was ridiculous. Listen, the more and more I see pictures of the inside of that stadium and hear firsthand about the locals losing interest in the Chargers, the more I think that franchise is headed to Los Angeles. We’ve been hearing about it for years, but last night was kind of fate’s way of sealing that casket. The place went crazy when the home team lost. It’s not the first time I’ve seen that happen while watching a San Diego Chargers game, but it very well might be one of the last. But there are a lot of enticing games going around the league this year, so let’s look outside the southern California area and see where you want your money in week six of the NFL season.

Dubsism: I called the last week for the J-Dub Gambling Challenge “The week of the Landmine” and said that I would use the winnings to buy a foot for some poor Afghan kid who lost his collecting shell casings. Well, little (insert non-politically correct name here) isn’t getting a foot this week because the NFL cares more about breast cancer than footless Afghani kids. The lines last week were about as foot-friendly as Josh Scobee getting the lead in the remake of “My Left Foot.” (Yes, I actually get paid by Google for every time you need to search one of my joke references).

Last week, we survived the landmines, but did some serious bleeding.  For the week, the J-Dub Gambling challenge took a hot loss of -$148.00; but for the season, the bankroll is still +488.50. We’re in the black, but we still aren’t in “down payment on a foot territory.”  That’s why we are interested in this week; as there’s clearly some money-making opportunities out there. But, that also means we have to get those right. Having said that, here’s what we’ve got for Week 6…

Bye Weeks:  Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams, Tampa Bay

Brief comments about the bye week teams:  All of these teams could probably use a week off when you think about it. Hopefully, you won’t spend too much time thinking about it. The Cowboys’ decision to go ahead and start Matt Cassel over Brandon Weeden is probably a good one.

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Helmet to Helmet contact was the big topic during week six. Eagles wideout DeSean Jackson might have suffered permanent memory loss, but the other dude's name is Dunta.

by Ryan Meehan

This is the first column of a new format for the site this week.  We’re going to be posting a week wrap-up Tuesday morning, and then a predictions piece for the following week on Friday morning.  So let’s take a look at week six and what happened around the NFL.

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