10 Questions with Shane Mauss


By Ryan Meehan

Originally from Wisconsin, Shane Mauss caught his first break when he was awarded ‘Best Stand-Up” at The HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in 2007. This led to his TV debut and first of five appearances on Conan. Since that time he’s been on Jimmy Kimmel, Showtime, has had a Comedy Central Presents, a Netflix special ‘Mating Season’, and most recently released an album inspired by breaking both of his feet in a hiking mishap called ‘My Big Break’ which spent time at #1 on the comedy iTunes charts. Shane has also been getting a lot of attention as a popular guest on podcasts such as You Made It Weird, Bertcast, WTF, Duncan Trussell’s Family Hour, TOFOP, Crabfeast, Never Not Funny, Keith and The Girl and last year he started traveling around the country interviewing scientists about the meanings of life for his own podcast “Here We Are” which has a 5 star rating on iTunes. I am very excited to have Shane Mauss as my guest today in 10 questions. Continue reading

7 Questions with Matt Ward


By Ryan Meehan

Matt Ward is a father, comedian, comedy show producer, writer and musician. He is an anomaly among his peers that focuses on balancing the most important parts of his life. To Ward, balance is the meaning of life. “As a lover of comedy I work hard to balance not only being a great comedy producer, but a strong comedian as well. I want to be great on both sides of the mic.” Ward says. Others marvel at the amount of projects Ward is involved in. Matt Ward grew up in Lancaster, Ohio and spent 8 years living in Columbus, Ohio where he earned his bachelor’s degree in marketing from Franklin University. In 2006, he relocated to just outside of Wilmington, North Carolina to take a job with Verizon Wireless. Soon after moving he began his stand-up comedy career. Matt started getting on stage weekly at Timmy Sherrill’s Nutt Street Comedy Open-Mic every Tuesday in Downtown Wilmington. Together with other local comics including Sherrill, Ward helped build the comedy scene in SE North Carolina. In 2009 Ward and Sherrill began laying the groundwork for the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. In the fall of that year Matt moved once again, this time to Knoxville, Tennessee for a higher paying position with his company. In the spring of 2010 the Cape Fear Comedy Festival was born. In the fall of 2010 Ward did what many dream of doing – he left his soul-sucking job at Verizon Wireless behind him, and plunged headlong into working in the comedy industry. He had watched work/life balance become so skewed while working in the corporate world that he was becoming increasingly unhappy regardless of how much money he was bringing in. One day a district manager for his company revealed to him that the key to success within the company was sacrifice by putting family 2nd. Ward then composed the most important document he may ever write, his resignation letter. He delivered it the very next day and never looked back. Currently Ward produces and performs stand-up comedy full-time, but spends the majority of his time with his son Sam who was born in October of 2011. Ward appeared on Doug Stanhope’s CD “From Across the Street”. By appeared, we mean he introduced Doug on the CD and then walked to the back and sat down. He also has shared the stage with comedians such as Shane Mauss, Nikki Glaser, Myq Kaplan and Kyle Kinane. He has performed at Zanie’s in Nashville and the Improv in Atlanta, and has also appeared at the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Laugh Your Asheville Off and the Memphis Comedy Festival. Matt was also retweeted once by Jose Canseco. Ward has a CD under his belt: He released his debut ‘Glamorous’ independently in the Fall of 2011, and he’s our guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading