Movie Review: Star Wars Episode VII – “The Force Awakens”


by Ryan Meehan

Didn’t see it. 

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The Future Of Star Wars: FOH Thoughts


By Joshua Yehl and Cal Meacham

Since Disney purchased Lucas Films from the George Lucas the entertainment media has been abuzz with daily news, rumors and general postulating as to what, where, when and who would be at the forefront of the new Star Wars movies.  FOH’s resident Star Wars Nerds, Editor-In-Chief Cal Meacham and IGN writer Joshua Yehl decided to give us their 2 cents on what is to come.

Best Of 2012: Comic Books

Joshua Top 10 Comics pic (1)

By Joshua Yehl

We are comic book fans here at FOH but wouldn’t know the first thing about writing a column about them so we reached out to a friend and IGN writer Joshua Yehl to get his opinion on this year’s best series.

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