FOH MLB Predictions – American League


By Coach Ryan and Cal Meacham,

With Major League Baseball’s Opening Day upon us it is time to dust off the old grey and Chief Wahoo ball caps and strap in for 162 games of baseball, baseball, baseball.

While some professional prognosticators would have you believe that they have a clairvoyance on par with Dr. Manhattan, others just cover themselves on both ends (here & here) so that they can say that they were right.  We at FOH can tell you up front that we claim to be neither of those things.  Instead we have derived a formula that involves equal parts baseball knowledge, love for our hometown teams and Yuengling.

The more Yuengling and craft beers we drink the more we like discussing our predictions and takes on everything you can find on our site. For Cal and myself, seldom do topics get us debating as much as baseball. We both are fans of the AL Central, and although we may root for different teams we still try to be somewhat realistic with expectations as we praise or critique players and teams around the league.

Today, we bring you our predictions for the AL Central along with the rest of the American League: Continue reading

Dear Florida……You do not deserve Major League Baseball

The latest figures are the final straw for me on this matter. I have defended the need for Major League Baseball in the state of Florida for quite some time, but the latest figures on average attendance throughout the whole league puts both Florida teams in the bottom 5. That is a disgrace. The Tampa Bay Ray’s with a pitiful 21,823 (26th out of 30) whilst they are leading the chase for a division title and the Florida Marlins at 16,336 (30th out of 30) while they try to fight for a playoff spot (5-1/2 games out of the wild card and division). No amount of excuses can justify the facts:

  • The San Fransisco Giants who, with their awful off season maneuvers, still managed to average 35,391 fans to watch their sub standard (besides Tim Lincecum) product.
  • The Seattle Mariners who are at this point 36 games out of first place, pulled in an average of 29,442 lovers of baseball.
  • The University of Southern Florida Bulls who play at Raymond James Stadium had an average home attendance of 53,170 in 6 games. (This figure is here to illustrate that their are sports fans in Tampa, they just hate baseball) 33,639 turned out to watch them play ELON!!!!!
  • If you combine the total average attendance of the 2 Florida teams you wouldn’t even crack the top 8. The same can’t be said for any other pair of teams.
  • This list can go on, but I think you get the point.