Korean Film News

Last month Park Chan-wook did an interview with Korea Joongang Daily. Some great tidbits about the director and his upcoming film StokerLink


  • His next film will be The Axe which he had planned on shooting before Stoker was presented to him
  • An interesting blurb on making films in Hollywood ” The assistant director here once scared me a bit when he told me I’d have to give up some scenes if I didn’t finish a shot in 15 minutes.”
  • He considered remaking Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. but passed on it because of his love for the film

We see our first trailer for Hong Sang-soo’s Canne Film Festival entry In Another Country.

Yi Seung-jun’s documentary about a deaf and blind man’s relationship with his wife who is disabled called Planet of Snail, made its North American debut at the Tribeca Film Festival.