10 Questions with Debbie Gibson


Photo courtesy of RayGarciaPhotography.com

by Ryan Meehan

For more than 25 years, Debbie Gibson has proven she’s an entertainer of immeasurable talent. From singer, songwriter and musician to actress and dancer, she embodies what it truly means to be an entertainer. A music prodigy, Gibson exploded on the Billboard Pop Charts at the tender age of 16 with the self-penned “Only In My Dreams.” The “Original Pop Princess” quickly became the youngest artist ever to write, produce and perform a No. 1 hit song, “Foolish Beat,” and entered the Guinness Book of World Records. To date, she is still the youngest female to hold that record. Gibson has sold more than 16 million albums worldwide, performed for British Royalty and hosted “The American Music Awards,” produced by friend and legend Dick Clark. After conquering the pop world with three consecutive albums and world tours, she set her sights on the theater and starred in 17 musicals in 17 years. Gibson made her mark in the Broadway production of “Les Miserables” as Eponine. She broke box office records in the London West End production of “Grease” as Sandy. She then took the stage in the U.S. Broadway tours of “Grease” as Rizzo and “Funny Girl” as Fanny Brice. Gibson also wowed critics as Belle in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” Gypsy Rose Lee in “Gypsy,” The Narrator in the national tour of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” Cinderella in the national production of “Cinderella” with Eartha Kitt, Velma Kelly in “Chicago,” and, Sally Bowles in the Broadway revival of “Cabaret” with Neil Patrick Harris. Continuing to dazzle with entertainment magic, Gibson bridged the gap between pop music and Broadway with her one-woman show “Pop Goes Broadway.” Gibson made her debut in the world of orchestration for Dr. Rutledge’s documentary, now available on demand, “3 Billion and Counting,” about Malaria prevention in third world countries. She collaborated on the score and the powerful closing credits song, “Rise,” which was shortlisted for an Academy Award nomination. Gibson then released a new album, “Ms. Vocalist,” from Sony Japan that was top 10 on the Billboard charts. The first single, “I Love You,” hit No. 1 and she headlined a sold out tour. In 2011, Gibson starred with Tiffany in the SyFy hit “Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid,” which led to a joint sold out tour as well as a performance on GMA’s Summer Concert Series. She also appeared in Katy Perry’s hit music video for “Last Friday Night (TGIF).” As a spokesperson for Children International, she spent time in impoverished villages in Manila. For more than 20 years, she has been a child sponsor and advocate. In 2012, she raised more than $50,000 for Children International on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and made a cameo in the film “Rock of Ages,” as part of Russell Brand’s Rocker Posse. Gibson starred as a celebrity judge on “Sing Your Face Off,” a music competition show that aired on ABC in the summer of 2014, and joined an esteemed list of musical performers as a 2014 inductee of the Long Island Music Hall of Fame. From No. 1 hits and platinum albums to starring roles on Broadway, film and TV, Gibson is a true entertainer with timeless talent and charisma. She stars in the upcoming Hallmark Channel movie “Summer of Dreams” which premieres Saturday, August 27th at 9 EST/8 CST, and we are ecstatic to have her as our guest today in 10 questions. Continue reading


10 Questions With Henry Phillips


by Ryan Meehan

Henry Phillips has been seen and heard performing his twisted songs and stories on ‘Comedy Central Presents’, ABC’s ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, as well as satellite and terrestrial radio nationwide. His critically acclaimed comedy albums earned him mention in Billboard magazine’s ‘Critic’s Choice’, as well as acclaim from such notable artists as Moby, who refers to Phillips’ music as “disconcertingly funny”. In more recent years he has focused more on his acting and filmmaking. His semi-biographical cult comedy film “Punching the Clown” received the Audience award at Slamdance Film Festival ’09, and the sequel is expected to be released in 2016. His YouTube channel, featuring the tutorial cooking series “Henry’s Kitchen”, has garnered almost 3 million views while he continues to tour comedy and music venues throughout the US and beyond. His new album “Neither Here Nor There” is available Friday on Rooftop Comedyand he’s my guest today in 10 questions. 

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The Deep Six:  Bold and Not So Bold Predictions for 2016


by Eight Thirty Seven

If you’ve read our end of the year 2015 piece, you’ll know that I can’t wait for the new year to arrive. Aside from interviews with various comedians, actors, and musicians, during football season a great deal of this website is heavily dedicated to predicting what will happen in various NFL games taking place that weekend. But we wouldn’t be maximizing our abilities in assuming the future unless we gave you some takes on something outside of sports, because that would be weak as fuck. So today we’re going to make some bold and not so bold predictions for the year ahead. A couple of these are a little out there, a couple are wishful thinking, and some of them are obvious. Some of them could potentially even fall under more than one of those categories, like for example the moment 2016 gets off to a rocky head start in the online hookup community when…

  1.  An audit of Tinder will show that 90% of its profiles are fake

Seems legit, doesn't it?

Hey, remember a few months back when the Ashley Madison leak went down and they found out that it was basically a few million dudes trying to hook up with about 12,000 women because most of the profiles were fake? I could only imagine when that went down there were a bunch of people who worked for Tinder licking their chops and expecting AM’s entire customer base to come right over and use their free app and significantly boost their bottom line. Well, tie one on Tinder…you’re fucking next. I firmly believe that within the first couple of months in 2016 we will see this app get exposed in a manner that makes the Ashley Madison thing look like a minor oversight. How do I know this? I use Tinder. And at the risk of sounding a tad misogynistic (Guilty as charged, your honor!) I can tell you that it does work. The only problem is now Tinder has fallen victim to the plague of spam which consumed Ashley Madison, and I as a user I can promise you that is what’s happening. I live in a metro area that is home to about 300,000 and I’ve lived here my whole life so I know the average – and very unfortunate – genetic makeup of people who live in this area. They look nothing like the girls that come up on my screen every time I log onto Tinder, and although there are plenty of real users on this app it takes so long to find them that it’s barely even worth it. A big red flag was when I noticed that four consecutive users which came through my feed all lived in Bettendorf and all had palm trees in their profile picture. Long story short, it’s becoming more and more obvious that this site is full of spammers as evidenced by the instant messages I get telling me to visit some site called “Ydater” that looks about as legit as a life-sized mouse trap with a gigantic plate of bacon on top of the trigger. But the funny thing is that you don’t even need to use Tinder to realize that it’s full of spam…just look at the “Find Friends” link on your Facebook app. Notice how most of them are super hot single women? That’s because in order to use Tinder you need to have a Facebook account, and I’m assuming it took these spammers about five and a half seconds to figure that out. That’s why your Facebook find friend feed has been face fucked to the point where you don’t recognize anybody. It’s all Tinder’s doing, and as soon as this kite string pops this app is toast. Good riddance. Real people are fake enough as it is to begin with, we shouldn’t have to wade through piles of fake fake people just to get to the fake real ones just for the sole purpose of getting our genitals wet. Speaking of fake people…

  1.  Somebody of true importance is going to call out the Kardashians and it’s going to begin a domino effect that will result in those fucking idiots falling out of the news cycle forever


If you thought my hatred of Tinder seems like it couldn’t possibly be topped, you’d be fucking dead wrong. With 2016 looming in the near future, my heart and stomach couldn’t possibly be more packed with boiling bile ready to empty themselves right onto the dinner plates of all the Kardashian family members. Doing collaborations with J-Dub probably hasn’t helped me out here, as he’s probably the only person in the world that hates these breathing plastic surgery disasters more than I do. But as stupid as a majority of people obsessed with celebrities are these days, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that in 2016 obsession comes to a screeching halt. I want to believe that someone of serious importance that many people trust as being reputable finally fucking stands up and says “Enough is enough…These people are doing considerable damage to our collective psyche…” Who would have the balls to do such a thing? Let’s start small…Bill Nye the Science Guy is probably one of the smartest individuals on the planet that everyone is familiar with. Perhaps he will be asked about this during an interview with Vice Magazine – or a similar publication – and he will utter something inherently cryptic about what America’s infatuation with this scummy splatter of sleaze bags is doing to our common subconscious. When asked to elaborate on this matter, he will give a well-educated explanation as to why the mere subliminal ingestion of seeing these dead between the eyes sacks of monkey shit does damage to the human race to the point that the effects will place irreversible psychological poisons inside our minds for generations to come. Too heavy? How about Bill Gates? He’s got no use for those dirtbag-fucking cum dumpsters, he’s a goddamned multi-billionaire. I’d be more than willing to listen to why he thinks that it probably isn’t healthy to continue to ingest clips of the daily activities of a family who only has money because their deserving dead piece of shit father somehow convinced the dumbest jury ever that OJ Simpson didn’t kill his ex-wife. Too brainy for you? Fair enough, maybe it’ll be Obama. He’s only going to have the short end of a year left by February anyway, and maybe he’ll wise up and realize that Kanye West is embarrassing the city of Chicago more than any one of the numerous politicians who have screwed the city’s residents out of their hard earned money over the past fifty years. What does he have to lose? Even though I agree with just about nothing he has done or said up until this point, I’d write him in for another term in November if he came out and laid these oxygen thieves out in one tirade. And if none of this stuff happens, there’s always ISIS. Funny how I should end this bit on the possibility of certain death right around the corner, because I think that this year…

  1.  Mick Jagger or Keith Richards will finally die


This one seems like a total layup because it could happen at any time, but I smell blood in the water and by December 31st of next year one of these guys are gonna kick off for sure. The older we get, the more and more we realize that eventually we will live in a world without the Rolling Stones and Black Sabbath…unless of course we croak first ourselves. Keith Richards is 72 years old and has to be subsisting on more than just borrowed liver time. Back in 2010, noted journalist Peter Hitchens wrote that Richards was a “capering streak of living gristle who ought to be exhibited as a warning to the young of what drugs can do to you even if you’re lucky enough to not choke on your own vomit”. So I’m going to guess if that’s anywhere near as true as we’ve been led to believe it really is, he probably won’t make it to Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Not-So Rockin’ and Dumbed Down as All Living Fuck Dubstep Explosion on December 31st of 2016. But even if he does, this is still a solid bet because Jagger isn’t really in prime physical condition now either. Also 72 and likely past the point of whether or not he gets to decide when he’ll need to TP his turd cutter, Jagger hasn’t been much use to the music industry as of late – the last charting single he had was a 2011 collaboration with Jennifer Lopez and the guy from the Black Eyed Peas. He has five grandchildren and one great grandchild, which is a hell of an achievement for somebody who has never lived in East Baltimore. In no way am I trivializing The Rolling Stones or the effect that they had on the evolution of blues in popular rock music, in fact quite to the contrary as they are one of the most important artists in the history of rock n’ roll and “Gimme Shelter” is definitely in one of my top ten songs of all time. But these two have been cheating death for so long that it almost seems too weird to be true. But not nearly as weird as me forecasting that at some point this year…

  1.  Some politician is going to be involved in some bizarre scandal that is beyond our imagination and comprehension   

New Jersey corrupt politicians. Illustration by Saed Hindash/The Star-Ledger

It’s no secret politicians have gotten caught up in some seriously weird scandals over the years, but this year we’re going to see something that will truly blow our minds. Now I’m not talking about your typical late-night hotel room complaint where a state senator is caught in a hotel room with an eight ball, a couple of hookers and a box full of broken dildos. Our tolerance for such stories is way too high for that to stay on the front page of TMZ for more than a couple of hours. I’m talking about somebody at the congressional level getting outed for doing something so weird that they’re going to make Anthony Weiner look like Pope Francis. Don’t believe me? Okay, fine. But if I would have told you at this time last year the guy with the nerd glasses who was the pitchman for Subway is now staring at least a half decade of continuous buttrape in prison square in the face after years of plugging underage hole and paying good money to do so, would you have believed that? This is precisely why we’re due for something we can’t quite wrap our heads around coming out of the Washington underground into our living room. It’s going to look like it came straight from The Onion, only this time it will be coming through your NBC or CBS news feed. Even the most creative imaginations won’t be able to dream up something this odd, and that’s why even though I wouldn’t put myself in that category I have next to nothing here. Somebody’s going to have a boatload of videos of themselves wanking it to whale-birthing footage on their iPhone before leaving it unlocked at the airport, and then all hell is going to break loose. The late night talk show writers are going to be so full of sperm jokes they’ll need to get abortions every other day, and Twitter is going to fucking explode. But that won’t even be the year’s “deadliest catch”, because at some point…

  1.  YouTube is going to realize virtually everybody skips their ads and it will change the way we all watch videos online forever


How many of you reading this right now have watched a video on YouTube recently? Great. Since now we can clearly tell who didn’t decide to put deodorant on this morning, how many of you actually clicked on a video without trying to skip whatever ridiculous ad was in front of it? Lot of people putting their hands down here, and that’s because as long as you can skip ads on YouTube, almost nobody is going to watch those advertisements. YouTube probably knows this already, but pretty soon Noxema, Burger King, and all of these other businesses dumping millions of dollars annually into their money-making machine are going to demand some no-bullshit statistics about how many times people are doing this. Those numbers are going to be even more eye-opening than even the most pessimistic advertising executive could ever imagine:  They’ll show that .000000000000000000000000000036% of people play these ads in totality on their electronic devices, and virtually all of those people are taking a shit. When these firms get those results a lot of people who probably also knew this was going down will be fired immediately, and YouTube is going to have to chuck the “Skip Ad” button forever. Much like the Tinder thing, I’m shocked this hasn’t already taken place but after a couple of weeks people will realize it’s not that big of a deal. Or at least it won’t be, as long as these clips stay at 15 or 30 seconds. The payoff has to match what you’re willing to sacrifice, or this is going to be a huge problem. If I have to go into another room and pretend that I’m cleaning my kitchen counter for five minutes just to sneak back to my computer desk and watch a twenty second clip of Anderson Cooper farting during a presidential debate, somebody in retention or customer loyalty is seriously fucking up.

(Editor’s Note:  This piece was originally done in early October of 2105, before YouTube launched their prepaid subscription service YouTube Red on the 28th of that same month. However, I do believe that a great deal of the hurdles you are allowed to clear by purchasing the service will only continue to get worse in order to encourage people to subscribe to YTR.)

But it will be a minor inconvenience of living in a society that demands ten of everything a half of an hour ago, especially when compared to the fact that there’s a huge possibility that…

  1.  A very serious California earthquake is going to take place, although it won’t be the “big one” that we’ve been hearing about for several years


It seems like it’s been forever since California has experienced a major traumatic natural disaster, so this might not be much of a stretch to peg. Now to be clear, I’m not going balls deep on this one. No way. This idea that large portions of the Golden State are going to crack off at the San Andreas fault line is a little bit too far fetched for me to take in, and although it would also take care of number two on this list I don’t think it will happen. Nevertheless, it will be big and every bit as catastrophic and devastating as the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake which temporarily delayed our appreciation of Jose Canseco’s ability to effectively utilize steroids for ten whole days. Something has to be going on out there below the earth that we’re not fully aware of, and that may or may not be related to the fact that the whole state of California has been dryer than Betty White’s vagina on a July afternoon in the middle of Death Valley as of late. I’m no seismologist – the extent of my knowledge is no further than knowing how to play “Richter Scale Madness” by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead on guitar – but I would think the with nature has been behaving out there, something that not even Al Gore himself can stop is on its way and everybody within a forty mile radius is going to fucking get it and get it hard.


I might be wrong about most or all of these predictions, but I hope that we’ve all learned something today about the endless possibilities of the future and the many, many beautiful or horrible events that could lie ahead. But what can we do to make a difference and try to make this world a much better place to live in? Nothing. That’s the sad part – we’ve systematically reduced ourselves to a culture where any one person can make a significant difference and have a positive effect on what sits in front of them. That’s why we resort to doing things like posting blogs and spewing hate on social media. Like it or lump it, we’re become a voyeuristic species so all we can do in the meantime is stay tuned and watch this shit show…YouTube commercials and all. There’s nothing you can really do about it, so you might as microwave yourself a burrito and watch it all go downhill in HD.

After all, it’s the least you can do for yourself.

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Eight Thirty Seven

10 Questions with Ephemeral Rift Creations


by Ryan Meehan

“I’ve been creative my entire life, making bad jokes ever since I was a kid. It wasn’t until I started this channel in September 2011 that I found my current passion: creating videos, more specifically, ASMR videos.This has become my “craft”, ever since I was introduced to the medium in the Spring of 2012 and found out that the pleasant tingling sensation I felt all my life had a name. It was then that all my creative interests melded together, my love of comedy, nature, photography, art, film, video games, beer, food and so much more. I finally found the creative outlet I’ve been searching for all 40+ years of my life. I never thought I would be making videos, let alone running a YouTube channel. I enjoy recording, both visually and aurally, a variety of subjects and am always up for a challenge and am constantly looking to push the envelope…”

That’s the testimony of YouTube user Ephemeral Rift, one of the online pioneers of the genre known as ASMR videos. I’ve been exploring the world of ASMR myself now for a little over six months, so that’s why I was excited to invite him on today as my guest today in 10 questions.

RM:  For those who might not be familiar with the ASMR landscape, how would you best describe the meaning of autonomous sensory meridian response?

ER: Pleasant feeling goosebumps, almost like a warm electric wave that instantaneously traverses throughout your body often starting from the neck and scalp and extending as far as the legs.

RM:  When did you first come across ASMR as a form of relaxation; and how did you go about taking the next step towards actually making the videos yourself?

ER: Well, I’ve experienced ASMR all my life. My first memories would probably be getting haircuts and my hair washed. As for making videos, the ASMR medium or genre hit me like a brick wall. When I started my channel I still had no idea what I wanted to do with my life creatively. I just knew I needed to keep searching for my outlet. My channel opened up back in September 2011 with some time lapse photography of clouds and one particular video that combined my novice Native American Flute playing with a trickling stream. It was that video that someone in the ASMR community found. They asked if it could be used in an ASMR project, and I asked myself “What is this ASMR?”. From there I looked it up, found the videos on YouTube, thought that I would give it a try and the rest is history!

RM:  How integral do you think your intro “Hello, I hope you are doing well…” is when it comes to setting the viewer up for a pleasant and relaxing experience? What are some other aspects of the intro that are very important to make sure the viewers discharges themselves from the stressful feelings that have led them to your work in the first place?

ER: Well in regards to that phrase, I heard another non-ASMR YouTuber open their videos with it, or a variation of it, and I really liked hearing it, so I borrowed it. I always enjoyed that comforting feeling often felt when watching someone like Fred Rogers or friendly interaction. So I think I just wanted to pay-it-forward and pass along that feeling.

RM:  What type of microphones are you using to do this? Are you more of a fan of dynamics or condensers when it comes to capturing close range audio sounds such as the ones featured in your recordings?

ER: I should probably know the difference between a dynamic and condenser by now, but no matter how much I’ve read about them, they just never register with my brain. I’m old, what can I say? But I use 2 mics: the internal X/Y mic of the Zoom H6 and for the binaural sound I use Sound Professional’s Master Series in-ear omnis. I probably should be using more professional grade mics, and I most likely will in the year to come, but I prefer to invest more into costumes and props.

RM:  What were some of the first adjustments you realized you needed to make in order to make sure that your videos were getting better and that you were working towards developing the following you currently have today?

ER: Getting a proper external microphone (again, as I owned a Zoom H4N a few years before getting on YouTube when I first started dabbling in sound) to eliminate the hiss and internal noise of my camera, and upgrading from my HD camcorder to a more professional camera. Not so much because I was focused on quality, but more-so to create film-like videos, since I’m practically a cinephile myself. As far as a following, I never really focused on that. I just do my thing. If people like what I do, great! I’m very thankful for everyone that likes what I do. This is still a very surreal journey. If they don’t like it, that’s fine too! To each their own. I’m gonna keep on truckin’ whether I have 1 or 1 million people along for the ride.

RM:  What are some of your own personal triggers as far as sounds that stimulate your ASMR; and have there been moments during the production of your videos that you have lost focus on creating the sounds for others and been overwhelmed by how you’re responding to the trigger itself?

ER: As for my triggers, I like everything, but my preference is the personal attention aspect. That’s what works in real life, whether it’s a customer service rep on the phone speaking in a pleasant voice, the dentist (yes, I’ve almost fallen asleep getting fillings) or someone fixing something for me. And no, I’ve never experienced ASMR during the creation of my videos. However the mindfulness of it is very relaxing, so it’s almost like my zen-time.

RM:  I’m a big fan of the pestle and mortar with salt sound, but not so much of the basic pestle and mortar sound devoid of the salt grinding…What might be the reason for this variation in preference with regards to two sounds that essentially come from the same objects?

ER: That’s interesting. I honestly don’t think I’ve heard that one before! Maybe there’s some kind of psychological aspect there with the vessel being empty and you wanting it to be filled with something, so your mind is already made-up. That would be my best guess in scenarios like that.

RM:  Did you receive any negative feedback regarding the “Relax with Satan” video that you did several months back? If so, what was the most intense comment you received about the premise of that video? How do you typically respond to someone who has negative things to say about what you do in the comment section?


ER: I’ve been receiving negative feedback throughout the life of my channel especially with the more experimental videos I’ve done, and that goes for “Relax with Satan” too. I honestly can’t recall the most intense comment, but most likely it would have been anything regarding the subject matter of the video and the possible moral implications it might have on children. At this juncture I’ve heard it all pretty much. I try not to get too caught up in the comments as often it can be hard to tell who’s being sincere or who’s trolling. I take most everything at face value, but with that proverbial pinch of salt. Sometimes I dish it right back.

RM:  One of the better videos in your catalogue is the “Addiction Recovery Support Session” piece…How far away is the practice of ASMR from being used in seminars – much in the same way hypnosis currently is – in order to assist in the aid of promoting smoking cessation or substance abuse? Could you ever see yourself travelling around the country to do something like that if it became popular?

ER: I said this years ago, and that is we’re still at the tip of the ice berg as far as what ASMR can be used for. Somehow it needs to transition from YouTube to real life, whether it’s in art or some alternative form of health practice. You just need the right folks to somehow explain it and use it properly. As for traveling and doing something beneficial with ASMR, well I couldn’t travel at this stage because our son is still in elementary school, but in another decade or so if an opportunity presented itself in some form or fashion and he’s all grown up, who knows?

RM:  Is there any particular reason that the videos tend to be right around an hour in length? Is that based on the amount of time it takes the average person to go to sleep, or does it have more to do with the quantity of sounds being created in hopes that there will be more triggers per video for the viewers?

ER: There are a few reasons, but it’s not about how much I can do in a designated amount of time. I enjoy what I do, so I often just go until the tank runs empty. It’s also a cathartic / meditative experience for me as well. Much like painting is for a painter. I also know that I personally prefer longer ASMR videos, so there’s that too. And I know folks use them for sleep, so it’s a combination of all that.

RM:  Have there ever been any premises for your videos that you thought you had enough material for, but when you went to shoot it there just simply wasn’t enough there for a whole hour? Do you plan to take any requests from viewers in the near future? What’s the strangest suggestion for an ASMR video premise that you have ever received?

ER: I can’t think of any videos off the top of my head, but I think I’ve ran into the lack of material several times. Especially with the videos that are like 20 minutes or less. I do take suggestions from viewers, it’s just a matter of getting to them, and my own ideas, and keeping other series going. There’s only so much one can do! As for the strangest suggestion… boy that’s a tough one, especially since my idea of strange goes all the way out to Jupiter. I wish I had something for you, but knowing many of the creepy messages that many female ASMR creators receive, you might want to ask one of them for your answer!

RM:  What are some other activities that you like to participate in when you’re not filming ASMR videos? Is there anything you haven’t had the chance to try that you’d like to experiment with over the next five years?

ER: I’d love to try stand-up, even if I fail. Just to experience that and see if I have what it takes, which I know I don’t, because you have to travel and tour and write. Plus we have a young son and we’re a very close family. I would also like to try my hand at acting someday. Other than that, my wife and son are my priority, we’re very close so that is most of my spare time when I’m not working my full time job or making videos. Spending time as a family, especially with our son, is such a huge priority for me. As for other personal spare time not spent around video production or family, is catching up on films or hiking in the woods (which inevitably means I bring my camera anyway). I like living a simple life but squeezing some excitement in here and there when the opportunity arises. Which is rare when you have a family!

RM:  What’s up next for you in the remainder of 2015 and beyond? Anything big in the works that we should know about?

ER: There’s a collaboration that should be coming out in December 2015 that is very ambitious. A new mask / character is due in December as well, think: Geriatric. Death will be paying a visit too, probably not long after this email. And just continue expecting the unexpected! Because I don’t even know what to expect from myself most of the time!

Ephemeral Rift on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/ephemeralrift1

Ephemeral Rift on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/EphemeralRift

Ephemeral Rift on YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/user/EphemeralRift

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7 Questions with Mona Shaikh


By Ryan Meehan

Mona Shaikh, also known as The Naughty Muslim Comedian, has a very unique perspective on the contrast and conflicts between American and the South Asian Culture. With half of her life spent in a prominent conservative Muslim household, and the other immersed with America’s entertainment and culture, Mona knew she was set out to break boundaries. With Mona’s sense of humor and vivid point of view on religion, sex, politics, which includes personal life experiences, Mona brings to the world a story like no other that is nothing less than hilarious.  Mona performed her first open mic at Comix Comedy Club in NYC, after a friend suggested she pursue stand-Up comedy.  However, her conservative Pakistani Muslim upbringing prevented her from pursuing her dream for another 10 years.  Later, Mona rebelled and moved out of her family’s home to relocate to the Big Apple and pursue her acting career.  Shortly after moving to New York and landing numerous gigs, Mona was no longer limited to theatre and soon appeared in commercials as the global face of Kodak, a pharmacist for Wal-Mart, an Indian Mom for Cablevision and a businesswoman for Deutsche Bank, in addition to acting in various independent features and short films.  Today Mona resides in Los Angeles, pursing her career as a comedian and actor while developing her upcoming One-Hour Special and Comedy TV series.  Mona can be seen all around Los Angeles in such places as The Comedy Store, Flappers Comedy Club, The Laugh Factory, Ice House Pasadena, Hollywood Improv and many more.  Recently, Mona hosted the Miss Pakistan World Pageant in New York City and also became the first Pakistani female Comedian to be selected for the Laugh’s Factory Funniest Person in the World Competition.  Mona has been featured in The LA Weekly, New York Post, The Huffington Post, The Washington Post and BBC.  Be on the lookout for Mona Shaikh coming to a stage, radio and television set near you, and check her out today as my guest today in 7 questions. Continue reading